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Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Greyscale || Transition Outfit

Boohoo had a sale so I pick up some goodies hue~ (welllll it always has sales xD) This ribbed grey jumper is something different for me, I thought it would be a nice subtle change plus it's a versatile piece. I love the ribbed texture! You can't see it in the photos well, but it actually has metallic glitter in too. ^^ I paired it with black high waisted shorts and a leather jacket; this looks like a autumn outfit transitioning into spring. xD Buts it's okay! The UK weather is polar AFFFF. Last week it rained, snowed + hailed, sunny af, windy and then sunny again all in one day wtfffff. I'm not usually one to talk about the weather but wtffff and how is one suppose to dress? ;____;

Outfit Details:

Jacket: H&M
Jumper: Boohoo
Shorts: Boohoo
Hat: Primark - Atmosphere 

Have you been experiencing crazy ass weather in your country too? Or is it just the typicial UK? O.o


  1. Love this!! So stylish! Perfect!

    Theano from FASHIONIZEIN

  2. lovely outfit loving the jacket especially

  3. Very trendy!! I haven't buy clothes in Bohoo yet but I should check out this online shop ❤️❤️❤️

    1. deffo should~ ^^ i really like their dresses :')

  4. veryvery lovely x i always love your outfits lol x

  5. Love this outfit! You look pretty as always! xoxo

    Vildana from Living Like V & Stalia Is BAE

  6. Gosh, I honestly love your outfit! SO rad and so grunge-y, I am in love!

    Blog || Instagram

  7. Very nice outfit..
    Love the leather jacket. =)

  8. Omg, your necklace though <333 I've being seeing ribbed tops/dresses a lot lately, but haven't made any purchases. Your outfit is on point as always!

    1. its pusheen the facebook kitten heuheu :') ive been really liking ribbed items ^^ thank you <3


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