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Sunday, 14 February 2016

4 Valentine's / First Date Outfit Ideas

Oh my holy lord of potatoes, I finally filmed my first Lookbook after many many long months! It was awkward AF filming it with people walking past and watching. How do people do this? Omg. But i'm really happy with the outcome of my lookbook video; I was expecting it to be not so good since i'm a complete noob when it comes to filming! Hopefully one day I can film good quality lookbooks~ ^^ If anyone is good with filming or video editing please teach me! ^.^ <333 Will love you five-ever. :')


Top: Choies
Skirt: MissGuided
Shoes: Select


Cardigan: Atmosphere
Top: Hong Kong (could probably find it on aliexpress or eBay)
Skirt: Choies


Top: New Look
Blazer: Atmosphere
Leggings: DealSale App - Item Number YC000882


Blouse: Rone By Ichiju
Dress: MissGuided
Shoes: TopShop

Which outfit is your favourite and which one would you wear? ^__^


  1. Great lOOKBOOK! You did a great job! You have encouraged me a little more to WANT to start making videos too!<3 I think I would wear you outfit number one! I really LOVELOVELOVE your SHOES in that outfit! I might have to go give it a looksee after commenting :P Great post!! Hopefully its not too late but HAPPY <3 DAY!!

    1. thank you! ^^ ah you should deffo try film one :')
      Number 1 or 4 is what I would most likely wear too ^.^
      Thank you and happy valentines to you too!

  2. Love your outfit ideas! My favorite would have to be the second one, just because I think the suspender skirt is absolutely lovely, you definitely pull it of well! Need to see more lookbook videos from you <3

    1. thank you! ^^ the skirt is a little short though >.<
      shall try to make more in the future ^^


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