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Wednesday, 9 December 2015


Weeee~ another Etude haul. As I am currently in the UK, there are no Korean cosmetics stores around me. *cries* ;__; So had I to purchase from Etude House's Global official site ( Which I don't mind since the shipping was fast and everything was packaged nicely. However was not happy I had to pay customs fees when it arrived and that they didn't send me the sample kit I was supposed to get with their promotion event .___.

Anywhere here are the items I got ^__^:

  • Zero Sebum All Day Matte Gel
  • Beauty Shot Face Blur SPF15/PA+

  • Drawing Show Creamy Gel Eyeliner
  • Surprise Essence Concealer in Co #2
  • Look At My Eyes Eyeshadow in  RD302 and PP505

Thats it for my mini haul~ ^^ Has anyone else experienced having to pay custom fees on top? o.o It's my first time even though i've been shopping online from various brands/shops for yearsss!


  1. i want the face blur it looks really great, i saw a video and omg!

    1. sameee korean beauty vid is the reason im bankrupt!

  2. Etude House has been so on point lately with their sales! I really want to try their snowy desert lip tint line *V*

    Jessie @ bijou-heart

    1. Thats how i gave into tempation and got some goodies xDD
      omg its so cute and the snowy dessert gingermen contour makers!

  3. The face blur looks really promising.. Can you review it please?? :)
    Ah, I also don't like the fee.. But it's a rule..

  4. What the hell, you had to pay custom fees? Is that like...shipping fee + tax? Or is that like an entirely different thing? That's so lame tho.

    Looking forward to reading your reviews on these :)

    1. unfortunately ;___; its something different because the fee includes tax, most of the stuff you pay for in the UK already includes the tax ><


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