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Sunday, 13 December 2015

Dresslink Wishlist #2

Another collabration post with I'm sure many you would have heard of Dresslink by now, if not they're a fashion retail based in Hong Kong. Here are the few cheeky items I picked for my wishlist ^^:

This jumpsuit is perfect for the festive/pary season! *^* I love the colour and backless design.
This playsuit reminds me of a one I saw on Miss Guided age ago~

Simple, yet fashionably edgy~

Simply because i'm a sucker for witchy clothing or any magical >.<

Even though it's currently winter in the UK, I came across two bikini sets that I really liked :')

It's not often you see rose gold glasses, these are an absolute beauty. This rose gold is the perfect shade, normally you ones that are too bronzy, which makes things look tacky. ><

OMG these are so adorable! I remember seeing loads of DIYers on Youtube making them :')

Ohuuu that was a long list! What's you favourite item from the wishlist? ^__^

*This post is sponsored by: Dresslink


  1. I love everything in your wishlist~! The emoji pillows are adorable <33

  2. I love everything in your wish list... :)

  3. Hi, dear! I'm following you via GFC now)

  4. YOO, you'd look so good in the witching hours top! It reminds me of your old blog post called Witch Vibes I think? Super cute items!

    1. thank you! hahahah yep well remembered ^__^


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