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Thursday, 19 November 2015

TONY MOLY BCDation Water Pact - #02 Natural Beige Review

TONY MOLY HKD$218 (£18.49)

If you've read my TONLY MOLY Haul, then you would know I impulsed purchased this simply because my bae Hyuna was the face for it. Ta-da~ I assumed the Water Pact was going to be like a cushion due to the packaging but its not. (TONY MOLY did actually recently release a BCDation Cushion - September 2015; after I purchased this >.<). TONY MOLY has a line of BCDation products, which are part BB cream, part CC cream and part foundation. The Water Pact was designed with moist essence to provide moisture for 24 hours of moist glossy skin. As well as providing other skin care benefits - intense sun protection (SPF50+ PA+++), calms skin with a cooling formula, anti-wrinkle care etc. It's a 8 in 1 product: Mist + Sunblock + BB + CC + Foundation + Cooling + Soothing + Whitening. It's also waterproof. Starting with the review~

The product comes in sturdy case with cream zebra patterns on. The case is reusable, you can push the pact from the back to eject it. Environmental friendly and great for travelling. It also comes with a extra refill so it's a great value for money~ The puff is made with foam and a rubber layer on top so that it doesn't absorb the product - minimum wastage.

It's available in two shades - 01 Skin Beige and this one 02 Natural Beige. I have it in the shade 02~ The product itself is a solid cream foundation. 

Starting of with a cleansed and prepped face~ (and my new temporary hair colour huehuehue, back super saiyan cos i'm over 9000!)

Awks, my camera didn't focus on the product >.< The puff makes application quick and easy, no extra tools required and it distributes the product evenly for a airbrushed finish~

When you apply it, it does have a cool sensation however the BCDation feels very slick which I am not fond of. The shade natural beige is lighter than my skin tone but it blends in nicely to brighten up my face. I've noticed that it oxidised into a more natural skin tone throughout the day. The coverage is light to medium, I built it up to medium coverage to cover up my acne scars. I thought it would have provided medium to high coverage since its a cream/solid formulation.

It has a dewy moist finish; I haven't used powder in the photos but I like to set it with Innisfree No-Sebum Blur Powder on top to give it a semi matte finish since dewy skin doesn't really suit me .__.

With finished makeup~ ^^

Overall the BCDation Water Pact has an interesting concept but is just an average product. Not fond of the slick feeling upon application and lack of coverage it has. I do like the high sun protection factor, as I always forget to apply sunscreen under my makeup and the extra refill (simply because i'm Asian and can't resist deals xD). Offers a natural finish and gives a pretty glow to my skin, but majority of BB creams offer the same thing. I haven't noticed any added skin moisture, but I think it would be nice for winter as it would prevent skin from drying. I will use up the product but I am unlikely to repurchase it. Was hoping that i'll love it but it's just meh.

Rating: 5.5/10

Have you tried any products from the BCDation line? ^^


  1. You look nice dear:) Great hair color <3

  2. I think that looks good ^^
    can be ordered online as well? and deliver abroad?

    1. it can be ordered from amazon and ebay~ i haven't seen any online stores sell it yet!

  3. oowww it really looks good! i want one ♥

  4. This is the first review I've read and seen about Tonymoly's water pact! I've been seeing the water pact BB creams a lot lately and I do see how well it performs from your review!! *O*

    Jessie @ bijou-heart

    1. Oooo probably due the moisture essence people have been using it more? :')

  5. That's very sneaky, I would've never guessed it wouldn't be a cushion just by looking at it! I was wondering why it just had "pact" in the name >_< It looks very good on you though! Plus, have I told you that I'm really digging your all blonde hair? Because I am~

  6. Great review~! I hope it comes in a light enough shade for me <33

    1. the shade is lighter than my skin, i think 01 is lighter than this one (02) ^^

  7. i think i have to try this one. :) Anyway michelle, hope you can follow me back on insta :) @aiyasuen

    Aiya ♥

  8. Hyuna is love, Hyuna is life. Hahaha, I love Hyuna too; she's so pretty : w :
    I think you look great even without using the Innisfree powder ♥
    Great review bb!

    1. HYuan is just amazing omggg
      Thank you~ and thansk for reading bb ^.^


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