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Sunday, 27 July 2014

minicell Tomato Stem Extract REVITAL PEELING GEL 50ml Review

Gmarket £7.29 ($12.40)

Since I have post inflammatory hyperpifmentaions (aka acne scars), exfoliation is a big big must for me. I find that gentle scrubs don't do much for me so I'm always trying out new peeling gels as they are gentle and exfoliate the skin very effectively. 

The packaging is simple yet sleek. Its also a great size for traveling. The peeling gel has a soft clean floral scent, which I really like. The gel contains red hogweed root extracts, organic aloe and chamomiles extracts which help sooth sensitive skin and alpine herbs to moisture the skin. These extracts makes the peeling gel standout from others, as minicell has gone that extra step to add extra benefits in the product. 

The consistency of the gel is thicker than other gels I have used. The gel doesn't spread much, also once the little dead cell balls form, it dries quite quick so you end up applying more product. You need to make sure that your face and hands are fully dry when you apply it, as the gel does not work when the skin is wet, even if the skin slightly slightly wet. 

The peeling gel leaves the skin feeling soft and smooth. The skin also looks more radiant as the healthy cell beneath are exposed.  

I applied the peeling gel to a dry surface, and then gently rub the gel in circular motions.

The dead cells are removed and forms little balls. 

Then wash it off with water to remove everything.

Rating: 8/10

  • Great for those with sensitive skin
  • Nice clean floral scent (however some people may find it overwhelming)
  • Travel friendly size
  • Removes dead skin cells effectively
  • Very gentle - won't irritate the skin
  • Leaves skin softer and smoother 
  • Hydrates the skin slightly

  • Little product, doesn't last long
  • Does not spread out well so a generous amount of product is required
  • Dries fast
Would I recommend it?: Yes, it does job and removes dead cells effectively, leaving the skin soft and smooth. It also slightly hydrates the skin too. It removes more dead cells than other peeling gels I have tried.

Have you tried a peeling gel before? ^_^

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

KPop Diet #7: AkMu/Akdong Musician Pre-debut Diet

Written in AkMu's autobiography "Raise Your Voice High!" they went on a diet before their debut. When YG artist go on diets, they do it along side a exercise routine so any weight lose is not just by dieting alone. 

The diet is quite standard, it consists of lean meat, vegetables and fruits and to avoid high sodium foods and oily foods. 

Lunch: Vegetarian bibimap (rice, eggs and vegetables)

Evening: Chicken breast, vegetables, rice

Foods banned: snacks (bread, crisps, cookies, sweets etc), high sodium foods (ramen, smoked, canned or cured meats or fish etc)

If Soo Hyun wanted to eat other foods, she had to take a photo of it and send it to her dietician and get it approved before she can eat it.

This sounds like a decent diet to me, its not harsh and its healthy so I might give it go~ If I do then I shall post my journey. ^_^ What do you guys think of this diet?

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Holika Holika One Solution Whitening Ampoule 30ml Review $12.11 (£7.13)

The Holika Holika One Solution line has 3 different ampoules for different skin needs: Anti-Wrinkle, Clear and Whitening. My skin has been decent these last few months so I purchase the Whitening ampoule instead of the Clear one, so that it could skin out my skin tone and help lighten up my hyper-pigmentation (acne scars).

The Whitening ampoule's function is brightening. It contains "Summer Snow Extract" which is my first time hearing of summer snow, so I tried Googling and researching it but nothing came up. ;_;

The product is in a glass bottle; which is quite heavy, so its not very travel friendly. It has a twist-off lid with a dropper pipette, which is great as it allows you to control the product and enables a easy and  hygienic application. 

The consistency of the Whitening Ampoule is watery, so it absorbs into the skin quickly and does not leave any residue or film on the skin. The ampoule has a really nice floral scent, which I really like and find that it brightens up my mornings. However the scent is quite strong, so I wouldn't recommend the product to those who don't like parfums or strong scents in their products. 

I've used the product everyday for 2 months, applying it after my toner. My skin tone is more even and moisturised, which I like has my skin looks brighter and healthier. My hyper-pigmentation has also lightened slightly, not dramatically but it did help lighten them slightly and speed up the lightening process. 

Rating: 7/10

  • Absorbs quirky into the skin, does not leave residue  
  • Adds a bit more moisture to the skin too
  • Even out skin tone
  • Helps to lighten up hyper pigmentation/acne scars slightly
  • Uplifting floral scent


  • Packaging is quite heavy, not travel friendly
  • Would be nicer if the brightening power was stronger :')

Would I repurchase?: Yep, but I would like try other whitening ampoules/serums to see if they would give quicker or better results. ^^
Would I recommend it?: Yes, the product does what it claims - brighten up the skin tone, has a hygienic packaging, nice floral scent and is affordable.

Have you try any new ampoules or serums lately? ^^

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

You Who Came From The Stars - Cheon Song Yi (Jun Ji Hyun) Laneige and IOPE Drugstore Lipstick Dupes

Okay so i've just finished watching You Who Came From The Stars for the third time! I love this drama so much I honestly don't mind watching it again. So yes this is a super late post which technically should have been posted since January/February, but my workload got the best of me, my apologies =w=. Anyway this post is the lipsticks dupes that I have found in the UK~ I would do a Cheon Song Yi inspired makeup look but a lot of girls have already done it. Plus I don't have the natural beauty face to support the natural Korean makeup look. >.< So I will focus on her lipsticks instead. ^_~ 

Cheon Song Yi's lipstick is such a big topic, its glamorous and eye catching. In the drama she is seen using the new Laneige Serum Intense Lipsticks in the shades - Neon Orange, Flash Pink and Pitch Flash.

Laneige is Asian brand so unfortunately if you live outside of Asian, you would need to purchase Laneige products online. On the Laneige Serum Intense Lipsticks are available for £22.90 ($34.90). The lipsticks look super nice and moisturizing, also I think the packaging is very sophisticated. Maybe one day when the temptation gets to me, I will dash out the money for it, but for now £22.90 is quite of pricey for a lipstick. >.< I wouldn't mind if I was purchasing 1-3, but I'm super indecisive and that fact I love everything, I pretty much want to purchase the whole range. xDDD

So for the time being, I will be using other brand of lipsticks that offer a similar results at a budget friendly/affordable price. ^__^ 

PLEASE NOTE: The colour of the lipstick is actually slightly darker in real life, as the sunlight washed the photo out a bit. >.<

Lipstick similar to Neon Orange:

Revlon ColourBurst Lip Butter in 15 Tutti Fruity | £7.99
IM SO DERP! I only realised that I held the lipstick facing the wrong way when I place the watermark on :c

Lipsticks similar to Flash Pink: 

L'Oreal Extrodinaire Color Riche Liquid Lipstick in 201 Rose Symphony | £8.99 Click here to read the full review of the lipstick
Maxfactor Colour Elixer Giant Pen Stick in Vibrant Pink | £6.99

Cheon Song Yi is also seen wearing the IOPE Water Fit and Colour Fit Lipsticks in the shades - 
Forever Pink, Classic Red, Cherry Blossom, Sweet Berry, So Young Orange, Violet Pink and Blooming Pitch. 

IOPE is a Korean brand, i'm not sure but I think IOPE products may only be available in Korean. Please correct me if i'm wrong~ >.< I have not seen an online store stock these lipsticks up yet, so I can't link any websites for you guys to purchase it them. But I have seen them on eBay for $42.99 (£25.85) (If you guys do know any online stores that sells these, please link me them in the comments~ ^^)

Lipstick similar to No.44 Forever Pink:

Bourjois Paris Colour Boost Lip Crayon in On The Beach | £7.99
Apologies the letters on the packaging rubbed off. :/
Lipsticks similar to No.18 Classic Red:

Revlon ColourBurst Matte Balm in 250 Standout | £7.99
Bourjois Rouge Edition Lipstick in No.13 Rouge Jet Set | £7.99
Lipsticks similar to No.23 Violet Pink:

Rimmel London Colour Rush Balm in 130 I Want Candy | £5.99Ahhh my colour matching skills are pretty bad here >.<
YSL Rouge Pur Couture is another brand she wore~ In the shade Rosy Coral. YSL lipsticks can be pretty much purchase anywhere for £25. ^_^

Lastly~ Not sure what lipstick she wearing here but it looks like a light peachy pink. The colour also reminds me of Yoo Se Mi (Yoo In-na)'s lipstick in the drama too. 

The lipstick dupe I have chosen/found is,

Revlon ColourBurst Lip Butter in 42 Juicy Papaya | £7.99

Hope you guys like the dupes that I have found. If you have found some other dupes that I have not mentioned and would like to share them, please comment them down below! I will be looking forward to them~ ^__^

All the lipsticks I used in this post~

Friday, 4 July 2014

KPop Diet #6 - T-ARA Hyomin NICE BODY Diet: Lemon Detox & 5 Days Diet

Although I personally did not like Hyomin's solo debut song - NICE BODY, one can not deny that she does have a nice body. In preparation of the debut. she did cross-fit exercises (varied high intensity  movments) along with two diets, one after another. 

Official profile weight: 43kg
Weight lost during diet: 4kg (9lbs)

First diet: 7 day Lemon Detox Diet 
A Lemon Detox is basically a cleansing program that results in rapid weight lost. No solid food is to be taken during the diet, so 6 to 12 glasses of the lemonade mixture is drank throughout the day. 

The lemonade recipe:
  • 2 tbs of fresh lemon juice
  • 2tbs of genuine / pure maple syrup
  • 1/10 tbs of cayenne peooer
  • 300ml water (hot or cold as preffered)
Whenever you are feeling hungry, mix all ingredients together and drink it.

A lemon detox diet is usually done along with a salt water flush, as it helps to cleanse the body. The salt water flush needs to be drank all at once.

Salt water flush recipe:
  • 1 tbs sea salt
  • 1 litre of water
The lemon diet is very hardcore indeed, I would properly last two days maximum!!! ;_;

After the lemon detox diet she did another diet, as the body is cleansed so she would need to slowly introduce nutrients back into the body. 

Second diet: 5 Days Diet
This diet consists on various healthy foods. The body will slowly recover back to normal during this diet, so its required to avoid meat, fish, milk and eggs.

Day 1: Freshly blended juices 

Day 2: 
Morning: Vegetables
Afternoon: Vegetables and porridge
Evening: Cherry tomatos, coffee

Day 3:
Morning: Greens
Afternoon: Porridge, salad
Evening: Porridge, salad

Day 4:
Morning: Porridge, salad
Afternoon: Juice
Evening: Porridge

Day 5:
Morning: Porridge, salad, jucie
Afternoon: Salad
Evening: Porridge

Honestly I would not go on this diet myself, as I find it quite extreme and not substantial. Its great for rapid weight lost but its not recommended for long term run as you will be lacking many nutrients. The diets are extremely low in calories, so you will fatigue for the first few days.

Would you give these diets a try or do you think the diets hardcore too? O__O