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Monday, 24 February 2014

Bioderma Sensibio H2O Micelle Solution Review

Mannings HK$178 (£14.91)

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

KPop Makeup - B.A.P Inspired Eyeliner

Majority of people that saw my profile picture above, asked me how I did my make up. 
I simply "copied" my bias B.A.P hahahaha. ^_^ You can see in the pics below where I got my inspiration from. Their thick eyeliner on the lash line and water line. Also the smoked out dark grey/black eye shadow to gives off a sexy and mysterious look. 

In the picture above I used a dark brown eye shadow instead of grey/black. In the picture below I used grey/black like B.A.P did. ^^

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

KPop Blonde Hair Part 1 - Gatsby Ex Hi Bleach Review

Before anyone thinks oh no, this girl changed her hair colour again! :O LOL don't worry 
Some of you guys may have known that I was blonde for a while and asked me to write a post on how I achieved it. ^_^ So today I'll be writing like half of it? Because I bleached my hair 3 times but I used different bleach products for each bleach session. For the first bleach process I used Gatsby Ex Hi Bleach. Second and third I used Smart Blonde High Lift and High Lightener & Platinum Blonde Toner (read review here).

Watsons HK$50 (£4)

The dye came with a tube of cream developer, bleach power and a bottle of liquid bleaching agent. Simple instructions with diagrams. You simply pour the bleach powder into the liquid agent and shake it until its mixed together. Then add the cream developer into the mixture and shake again. Wa-la you are done my friend. ^__^

When applying it to my hair the consistency of the bleach wasn't thick or runny so it was easy to apply and didn't cause a mess. It had a nice fruity citrus smell is was nice, but once everything was mixed together the ammonia smell was super strong and it didn't mange to cover up the smell.

I found this bleach to be stronger than some others I have tried in the past, so it burnt my scalp a little. After using the bleach and after it has finished air drying; my hair didn't feel dry or damaged,  the condition of my hair pretty felt the same. Also I found that, it left my hair with a subtle shine. This likely due to the "smooth and shine agent" Gatsby claims the bleach has. However, after washing it a few more time I found that my hair did become fizzy at the ends and kept on tingling, so I had to get a trim. >_< Which was kind of expected since it is bleach. 

Overall, I would recommend this product, as I find it not very damaging. It lightens hair very quickly! So you will save some time on your hands. The product is super affordable and does give vibrant results. However, I was slightly disappointed as I did expect the colour to be brighter, maybe I should I went over the recommend time and left it on for 30 minutes instead? >_< You can risk leaving it on for the extra 10 minutes but it may damage your hair. I rate this product 8/10. 

Results! ^__^"

Before using the bleach I had chocolate brown hair, after 20 minutes I have ended up with a vibrant yellowy orange colour.

Before chocolate brown hair - taken with flash
After leaving the EX HI bleach on for 20 minutes - photo taken during air drying.
As you can see the back is more darker than the front as I applied that area last (I know I should have applied it at the back first). So if you leave the bleach on for 10 minutes you will end up with results near that colour.

 Hope you guys like this! ^__^ If I find more photos, I shall update this post with them. :')