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Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Christmas 2014 Wishlist

Its that time again for Christmas wish lists weeeee~ ^__^ Surprisingly I don't have much items on my list this year. xD

Apologies in advance, there will be a lack of post for December, as I am currently building up my portfolio for university interviews. But I will try my best to blog~ ^^

1) Samsung: Note 4 - White 
*Pray that my parents see this post* hehehe :')

2) Foreo: Luna Mini - Magenta or Petal Pink £99

3) Hentai 00/Pervert 17 Sweatshirt
Note* Im not actually a pervert LOLOL I just want one for the banters xDDD

4) Urban Decay: Naked Vault - £180
This is a complete dream! *^*

5) Urban Decay: Naked On The Run Palette - £37

6) Innisfree products~
or Korean products in general! xDD This is more of a 365 wanting, rather than an actual Christmas wist list item oops.. :')

Whats on your wish list this year? ^_^
Is it just me or does it not feel very chris-masy this year? Due to the premature Christmas decorations and music back in mid October, Christmas feels a bit commercialised now... .__.


  1. Love ur wishlist!

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  2. You're a pervert, baka <3

  3. The naked voult is... I don't have words!!

  4. I've heard so much about the Naked palette but I've never tried it before ;__;
    Good luck with your university interviews :)

    Ellie | wunderstar

  5. Jajajajaj i want a 'Pervert' sweater too *W* jajaj
    Thank you for follow me. You are so pretty *W* I love your hair too!!

    1. Postdata: I followed you since a time ago *W* <3 <3 <3

    2. High5! You're welcome~ So sweet, thank you! ^__^

  6. L.O.V.E.!
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    I'm waiting for you!!! Yep!

  7. I so want the Naked On the Run palette and basically everything else you wrote down. I try not to think of a wishlist coz no one buys me shit D:< lmao

    1. HIgh5 lolol no one buys me shit either D: we can still hope though haha :')

  8. Aww I love the hentai and pervert tshirt, its omg it's all I want to have right know. Aww, love your blog designe, followed you <3

    1. ikr, its so nice! :') Thank you ^^ followed back ^.~

  9. I want Korean products 365 times a year, too! Lol. They are so addictive! The sweater is great haha

  10. That Urban Decay on the run palette is to die for! I would put it on my christmas wishlist, but I already gave mine to my mother, so I can't put anything new on it, darn! I hope you get it for christmas :D

    Minae |

    1. That sucks >.< hope you get the other items on your list though! ^^
      Thank you~ i'll probably end up purchasing one myself :')


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