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Wednesday, 29 January 2014

2014 Birthday Wishlist~ ^_^

I actually find it quite funny how my wishlist this year is completely different from previous years. The list consist of equipment rather than items I already have enough off e.g makeup. Think i'm turning boring now or maybe a bit too focused on studies. >< Shows how much things can change in one year ay? ^^ I don't really expect much gifts this year since i've moved away from a lot of people to focus on my myself, my other half/bestie and studies. This year I rather help people in need, as helping someone and making them smile results in you smiling too. ^_^ So yerrr i'm going to be donating blood (if I meet the requirements), scary I know! >< Anyway... here we go ^^.

1) Celebrate it with my bestie74lyfe aka kawaii boyfriend ^__^ 
and for him to be super happy everyday because he deserves to be ^^

2) Winsor & Newton Artists' Acrylics Painting Set

3) Copic Multi-liner Fine Liner Pen Set

4) Money
 LOLOL because I really can't think of any thing else I need/want xDD Except for an iPhone 5s Gold >.<

I have a super short list this year, oh wells  xDD. 
Have you guys noticed that each year your wishlist gets shorter and shorter? ><


  1. Where is your boyfriend from? Coz your born in Uk but parents are from HongKong! (btw you two suit together)

    1. Hes from UK as well~ ^^ awww thank you ^^

    2. but he looks like chinese?!

    3. His British Born Vietnamese ^^


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