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Monday, 22 July 2013

Garnier Olia Light Chocolate Hair Dye Mini Review & Results

I'm back from the countryside finalyyyyy! I have internet again *CRYS OF HAPPINESS* Anyway today I am back and I am going to do a review on the Garnier Olia Hair Dye in the shade Light Chocolate. So 2 weeks ago I decided to dye my hair back to brown for prom. It was so damn hard to chose a brown but this one attracted me the most.

Okay so to start off, I have bleached hair (and dyed with blonde on top) before dying it Light Chocolate. So the results will vary depending on what colour your hair is. ^_^ 
The photo here is first day after I've dyed it. Honestly I was SUPER disappointed with the results of the dye, as it had many good reviews and the colour matched the box, in photos i've seen. It's looked like as if I didn't dye my hair at all, as it's only slightly darker than my previous hair colour. Since this was dyed one day right before prom, I honestly thought my hair was screwed. :/

  This is the second day /prom day. I don't know what happened but after I washed my hair it appeared slightly darker than the day before. Which made me not as disappointed as before, but I am still not happy with the results. The colour looks no where near like the colour on the box. Then again this may be due to my bleched hair, since you get unpredictable results because the hair is porous. I left the dye on for 1 hour so the dye should of had more than enough time to develop. Even though bleached hair is porous, my hairdressers told me that it grabs onto pigments when dye it applied. But the pigments will leak out very quick. 

This is 2 weeks after the dye, as you can see majority of the dye has fades/leaked out, leaving some gingery tones behind. :/

Review - 

Like all dyes, it's comes with the basics - colour creme, developer, conditioner, gloves and instructions. I like how Garnier gave some consideration to the shape of the bottle, the shape is interesting which makes it easy to hold and control. The dye itself, once you've mixed the colour creme and developer, it has a very runny consistency and a light texture. Which I personally dislike, as the dye went everywhere and sometimes dying my hair just got messy. =.=  On the other hand it does smell really nice. I'd say the best part of the dye is the fact it comes with a good amount of conditioner, that leaves your hair ultra soft. ^_^ also that fact its "oil-powered" so it doesnt damage your hair as well as the traditional dyes.

The outcome of the dye has to be the major con! I would not have been as disappointing if the colour came out slightly lighter or darker, its the fact the results were a completely unexpected colour and the pigments barely even came out at all. I want what I paid right for right? Maybe it's because I have bleached hair? But I dont think so, since my hair dyed when I used other brown dyes. Also I've only bleached it twice so its not at the stage where its hard for it to hold onto the pigments.

Would I recommend it or repurchase it? Straight no for me. As I feel its a waste of money since the dye is messy and the pigments don't even match the box or come out.

But if you are interested in trying it still, they retail at drug stores for £6.99. Have a good day ^_^

Sunday, 14 July 2013

KPop Male Idols' Weight and Height - 60kg or Under. (B.A.P, EXO, INFINITE, B2ST, SJ, BIG BANG)

I have done a post on male Idols that weight  60kg or under, which is meant to be my motivation to lose some weight hahaha. Keep in mind that their height also play a important role as well.

If you want to find out female idol weights and heights then click on the link. ^_^

Bang Yong Guk

Weight: 60kg
Height: 180cm

G-Dragon / Kwon Jiyong

Weight: 56kg *alternates between 55-60kg
Height: 177cm

Lee Seungri

Weight 60kg
Height: 173cm

Kevin Woo / Woo Sunghyun

Weight: 50kg *alternates between 50 - 55kg
Height: 180cm

AJ / Kim Jaeseop

Weight: 58kg
Height: 180cm

Lee Kikwang

Weight: 58kg
Height: 174cm

Ahn Jaehyo

Weight: 60kg
Height: 182cm

Yang YoSeob

Weight: 56kg
Height: 174cm

Lee Hongki

Weight: 60kg
Height: 176cm

Park Kyung

Weight: 56kg
Height: 176cm


Weight: 59kg
Height: 178cm

The amount of members in EXO, don't even get me started. xD

Baekhyun  - 53kg - 174c,
Do Kyungsoo - 53kg -173cm
Oh Sehoon - 53kg - 173cm
Kin Minseok 51kg - 173cm
Luhan - 52kg - 178cm
Zhang Yixing 60kg - 177cm

Same with Infinite. xDD

Kim Myungsoo - 60kg - 180cm
Nam Woohyun - 56kg -176cm
Lee Sungjong - 54kg - 180cm
Lee Howon - 60kg - 178cm
Lee Sungyeol - 59kg - 183cm
Jang Dongwoo - 58kg - 175cm

Sorries too much idols, so didn't get pictures for all of them. xDD There are plenty more idols but these are just a few. So do you guys also weight more than KPop Male Idols or do you weight less? Which I will be very jelly of! Hahahha ^_^

Thursday, 11 July 2013

Ginvera Green Tea Refreshing Brighten-Up Day Cream SPF15 Review

Ginvera isn't really a well known brand within the UK, I think its more popular in Asia as I see quite a bit of people from Singapore raving about it. *Correct me if i'm wrong. xDD I'm not sure which shops sells Ginvera products, but if you live in UK Birmingham, they are available at MailBox Harvey Nicols. The Green Tea Refreshing Brighten-Up Cream retails for £22. Since they put out testers, once you open the jar and smell it, it just attracts you into buying it hahaha. Also the UK doesn't offer much green tea or skin whitening products in the market, so it was grab it quick product xDDDD

Starting on the review, Ginvera claims:
  • It ensures maximum protect of skin against UV rays, so skins remains naturally fair.
  • Non greasy formula so its easily absorbed into the skin allowing it to stay comfortably moisturized through the day 
The Refreshing Brighten-Up Cream is non greasy, even though its a cream its very lightweight and absorbs very quickly into the skin. It leaves your skin feeling a little cool feeling which is meant to be the "refreshing effect" xD. I have oily skin, this doesn't make my skin like oil puddle (does that even make sense ahah?) like some creams do. It does hydrate my skin quite well, but I think those with dry skin, the hydration wont last the entire day. I love the scent of this cream, its really calming and sweet, its not overpowering as the scent is very gentle. ^^

As for the "maximum protection of skin against UV rays" I would say no haha. Since it only has SPF15, which is pretty low but better than nothing. The SPF15 will help to prevent your skin from darkening so thats good and does what it claims. If the cream also had a higher SPF or UV filters then I probably would of said yes for the "maximum protection". 

Also this cream is meant to brighten up your skin, I would say it does. The ingredients itself don't help to brighten your skin, the brightening effect is due the fact the cream leaving a slight white cast on your skin (probably from the SPF or just the whiteness of the cream). The white cast will make your skin look more fair, so the cream is illuminating to brighten your skin not by whitening it. The "brightening effect" makes your skin appear more even and smooth so its a win win. ^^ 

Overall I would repurchase this as it does what it claims - refreshes, brightens and protects from UV rays. The scent is a bonus, as it so niceeee! The additional SPF helps to save time if your in a rush as you wont need to put extra SPF on. So I do recommend this product to people and I think its a good product for the spring-summer time. ^_^

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Collection Colour Pro Intense Lip Lacquer Review & Comparision to Rimmel London Apocalips Lip Lacquer

Feels like a while a ago since i've last done a make up review even though I done one last wekk LOLOL. xD Today will be a review on the new Collection Colour Pro Intense Lip Lacquer in the shade No.4 Prom Queen. These are available in 4 different shades at £6.50. After the review I will be doing a comparision with the Rimmel London Apocalips Lip Lacquer, so I think this will be a interesting post hahaha. ^_^

Collection claims that:
  • it has colour that doesnt give up without a fight, its perfect for an all night pout
  • Spong tip applicator that provides a quick, smooth, even application that glide on effortlessly.
First of all, I really love the colour range as they are all very colorful yet wearable. I chose to get the shade Prom Queen as its suitable for everyday wear and the colour is cute. The lip lacquer does have a kind of acrylic smell, not sure how to describe but I would say acrylic or plasticy smell but it isn't bad. The colour pay off is 90% ish opaque, and offers a pouty glossy finish. The lip lacquer does last all day long but it will wipe off your lip while eating or drinking, as the consistency is quiet thick. Due to the thick consistency it doesnt dry on your lips and pretty much just sit there. So you might need to reapply it after eating or drinking. To be honest I wouldn't repurchase this product as there are better ones on the market such as the Rimmel London Apocalips. I wouldnt really recommend this either unless your after everyday wear colours, which is the reason I brought it. Overall I would rate this product as 2.5/5.

Comparision to Rimmel London Apocalips

I know the review for the Collection Colour Pro Intense Lip Lacquer was a bit short, but my brain just automatically keeps comparing the both. The Rimmel London Apocalips is available in 8 shades, so it offers a wider range, however majority of the colours are quite bright so some people may not think it's suitable for everyday wear. I would say that most suitable everyday colour is "Celestial" but like so some people may find it a bit dark/bright. Thats why I would recommend the Colour Pro Intense for everyday wear wise. The Apocalips are more opaque than the Colour Pro Intense, so Apocalips wins colour pay off wise.

The Apocalips retails for £5.99, so price wise the Apocalips is cheaper. Also I prefer the Apocalips packaging more than the Colour Pro Intense as I feel the packaging looks a bit cheap. Consistency wise, Apocalip is much thinner so It doesn't feel heavy or anything on your lips compared to the Colour Pro Intense. I much prefer the Apocalips over the Colour Pro Intense anyday, as the quality is higher and cheaper.

So do you guys prefer the Colour Pro Intense or Apocalips lip lacquer? ^^

Sunday, 7 July 2013

EOS G307 Gothic 3 Tone Honey Review -

Recently I have brought 2 new circle lenses, I have got the Gothic 3 Tone in Honey and Green, from So today I will be doing a review on the Honey one. ^_^ (I will do the Green one in another post, as I havent got round to taking pictures.) The Gothic 3 Tone series normally retails for $22.50 (£14.11) but I got them during the Midterm sale for $13 (£8.73) mwhahaha, gotta LOVE SALES! xDDDD One of the problems I had with Gothic 3 Tone series, is that theres a wide range of colours to pick from (9 colours) which is good but not if you cant decide which colour you want like me LOL! xDD

Starting on the lens review:- When I first took them out of the little glass jar they come in, I was kind of dissapointed because the lenses looked orange rather than a light brown/honey colour. (You can see the orangy-ness in the 1st picture below) But once the lenses are on your eyes, they blend in very nicely with your eye colour, giving it a natural look and you cant see the orange anymore. Which is good. =3 I really love how natural the Gothic 3 Tone lens series look, the lenses are vibrant yet natural looking. ^_^ One thing I have noticed with the colours is that a some of the colours do look very similar once they are worn. For example "Honey" is only slightly slightly lighter than "Brown" and is very similar. "Blue" and "Sapphire" are also very similar.

The lenses have a diameter of 14.5m so they do enlarge the eyes a little. Which is perfectttt! ^^ It is recommend that you wear circle lenses no longer than 8 hours but I wear them for longer kekek. 8 hours isnt enought for meeee! Anyway they dont dry up my eyes or cause any problems even after 8 hours+ of wear and they are very comfortable. The lenses have a lifespan of 1 year so for the price, its inexpensive and affordable. 

These have now become one of my favourite and go to lenses so I do recommend the Gothic 3 Tone "Honey" if you want a natural noticeable change. Only downside and same with most circle lenses is that you need to wear make up with it to balance it out. If you wear make up everyday its no biggie ahha.

A little dissapointment with the order, as I asked for a purple case but they gave me a blue. D: I dunno if purple was out of stock or if they got the order mixed up. :L Anyway what do you think of these lenses and would you purchase them? ^_^

Friday, 5 July 2013

Kpop Diets #1 - Secret & Weight Profile

Honestly guys it's really not suprising why the Secret members all have nice body figures, if you've seen how strict their diet is! D= Even though it's strict, it's deffo worth it at the end if you want that slim Kpop body haha.

Okay starting with how much the members weight. (I think I have a obsession with knowing how much people weight LOL)

Hyosung: 47kg
Jieun: 45kg
Sunhwa: 45kg
Zinger: 45kg

 Secret's Diet - 1 week

Monday: Breakfast - 1 slice of toast, 1 apple, 1 sweet potatoe
             : Lunch - chicken breast salad
             : Dinner - 8 cherry tomatoes, 1 cucumber

Tuesday: Breakfast - 1 slice of toast, 1 apple, 1 glass of low fat milk
             : Lunch - 1 sweet potatoe
             : Dinner - 8 strawberries, 5 cherry tomatoes

Wednesday: Breakfast - 1 slice of toast, 1 cup of low fat milk     
                    : Lunch - 1 sweet potatoe, 5 cherry tomatoes
                    : Dinner - 5 strawberries, 1 cucumber

Thursday: Breakfast - 1 slice of toast, 1 apple, 1 glass of low fat milk
              : Lunch - chicken breast salad, 8 strawberries
              : Dinner - 5 cherry tomatoes, 1 cucumber

Friday: Breakfast - 1 slice of toast, 1 apple
          : Lunch - 3 eggs, 1 cucumber, 5 cherry tomatoes
          : Dinner - 10 strawberries, 1 cucumber
Saturday: Breakfast - 1 slice of toast, 1 glass of low fat milk
             : Lunch - 1 sweet potatoe
             : Dinner - 1 tofu, 3 cherry tomatoes

Sunday: Breakfast - 1 slice of toast, 1 apple, 1 glass of low fat milk
            : Lunch - 1 sweet potatoe
            : Dinner - 1 cucumber

A pretty strict diet huh? I will give this a try at one point but first I need to get my motivation hahahah because i'll miss my food to much! >< Have any of your guys tried this diet and how much weight did you lose? O.o If not, what you do you think of this diet? ^_^

Other KPop diets:
Nine Muses' Paper Cup Diet
Ga In, Hyosung, Soyu - One Meal Diet

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

SOSKIN Stop Imperfection Serum Review

Im not sure if much people have heard of this brand SOSKIN Paris, it might be popular in France but i'm not sure since I don't leave there haha. In stores (in France and maybe some Europe countries) the Stop Imperfection Serum ranges from $20-30. One thing I like about SOSKIN is that they use pure active ingredients, so that their products promote better stability, penetration and efficacity. This product catched my attention by the name itself haha. Since you don't often stroll across serums that target imperfections, which I have plennntttyyy of! So I decided to try it. xDDD

This product claims to:
  • Stimulate cell regeneration to reduce imperfections.
  • Light fluid serum reduces redness and provides clearer complexion from first application.
  • Enriched with Tea Tree Essential Oil, Salicylic and Latiic Acid, this treatment cleanses, mattifies and reblances the seburn secretion.
  • The skin thus purified, recovers comfort and radiance all day long.

To start off, I LOVE this serum! When they say it provides a clearer complexion from first application, they werent joking. I thought it would be like most products where they claim you see results on first application and you see nothing or not much change. On my first use, I did notice my skin felt smoothed, the redness reduced and it gave my skin a matte yet radiant look. Overall making my skin look healthy. ^^

The product is very lightweight, it has a thin water like consistency, so it absorbs into the skin quicky. It also has like unqiue scent, which I cant really describe, it has a mixture of lavender, tea tree but kinda herball-y like? Does that even make sense haha. *Note it doesn't smell bad, my describing word is just really bad when it comes to scents. xDDD I love the main ingredients they've chosen for this serum - Salicylic Acid, Latic Acid and Tea Tree Essential Oil. As I feel that these ingredient work really well at controlling acne and reducing imperfections. After using this serum for a month, it really has made a difference to my skin. My skin has more radiance, the redness reduced and i've noticed my acne scars have faded slightly, even my friends have noticed my complexion looks healthier and better! ^_^

Overall I am ultra happy with this product. I would really recommend people that want to reduce imperfections and have healthier looking radiant skin to try this. You know it's a good product, if even your friend notice a improvment. I only have 2 cons to say about this product 1) the price and 2) its quiet hard to get your hands on the product. It may be a bit expensive for some people as it is a high end brand. You get 40ml which could last around 2months ish, personally I do think it's worth the price as it works fantasically! Second, SOSKIN products in general arent widely available. I had to ask my friend to help purchase it for me during her trip to in France. I would happy repurchase this product and rate it 4.9/5.