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Sunday, 30 June 2013

My Experience With Sampure Minerals Cosmetics

Yesterday I orginally planned to go shopping for prom shoes, but then somehow I ended up strolling across the makeup section, which is pretty typical of me. So browsing around Debenhams I passed the Sampure Minerals counter, thinking it was Bare Minerals LOL even though Bare Minerals was on the other side. *facepalm* I think its a new counter since I havent seen it before or maybe I just didn't notice it xD.

*Sampure Minerals also known as Samina Pure Makeup is a brand that does minerial makeup. Which contains no harsh chemicals, no alcohol and no parabeans. Also it's vegeterian socitey and halal approved.

Anyway the sales assistant Colette was super nice and introduced me and my friend to this brand. She did apply some of the products ( the mineral foundation, setting powder and blusher ) on me. I LOVEDDD the foundation! I've always wanted to get a mineral foundation, but I was skeptical weather it would be able to cover up my acne scars and redness. But I was WOW-edddd by this foundation. The results were flawless and managed to cover everything like a normal liquid foundation maybe even better. You dont really need a concealer as the foundation is buildable.  

While Colette did my makeup; I mentioned Bare Minerals and she said that she used to it. The shocking thing that I found out from her was that Bare Minerals' foundation has corn starch in it. My mouth literally dropped and I was thinking WTFFF food on face?! LOL. Like it actually does, my friend looked at the ingredients and my automatic reaction was "Bare Minerals you nassstyyy" haha. Not that I have anything against having food on your face as there are occassions where you do DIY masks. But corn starch is a bit I dunno weird LOL and wearing it throughout the day. Another thing I found out/learnt was that corn starch can irritates the skins a little, so Bare Minerals is good but it's not really recommended for people with acne as it can irritate it. Sampure doesnt contain any and it seems to give off a better coverage. Also the prices is slightly cheaper.

If anyone lives or visits Birmingham you should pop in and check it out. You never know if you may like their products, as I definitely wasn't expecting it ahhaha. You can see for yourself the results (on the left photo, no editing except for bluring the background) If not, you'll love the sales assistance Colette especially if your into Youtube videos, blogs, Asian make up or makeup general. She's pretty awesome. ^_^

Have any of you guys heard of the brand Sampure and have you tried anyway of their products?

Thursday, 27 June 2013

Missha Signature BB Cream No.23 Review

So I brought this in Hong Kong, in the official Missha store for $299 (£25.32) which was before I started online shopping. Otherwise I would not have pay a high price for it. D: since you can get it for around £15 or lower online. =.= Well guess the good about that, is I know that its not fake hahaha, as eBay does sell some fake ones out there. I did orginally planned to buy the Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream, but the sales lady persuaded me into buying this one instead and i'm really bad at rejecting/saying no LOL. So whatever xDD, lets just hope this one may be better? :P

Starting on the review, the product claims, its best for those who:
  • Want to have perfect coverage
  • Want to reduce signs of aging or sunspots
  • Want to use BB cream for a long time without losing its brightening effect
  • Has sensitive skin
  • Doesnt like grey toned BB creams
  • Want to use a BB cream with skin conditioning effects
Okay so to start off, I have the BB cream in the shade No.23 Natural Yellow Beige. I do think this BB cream is really good for those who dont like ashy grey tones, as this BB cream has more of a natural skin shade. As you can see from the picture below, it gives off a very natural shade and blends nicely into the skin. It matches my skin tone really well. Anyway the texture is quite runny, some people may feel that it can feel 'oily like' and heavy on their skin. As it is not lightweight. 

From testing out both the Signature and Perfect Cover BB cream, I believe that this one has more coverage. It has a decent medium to high coverage. It covers the redness in my cheeks and spots, so thats pretty good. I love how radiant and dewy it makes my skin look, but if you have oily skin like me, after a few hours when the oils seeks through, it can make your skin look really greasy. :/ So you do need to blot your face throughout the day. The BB cream is longwear, so it lasts much pretty the whole day.

Another factor I like, is that it has SPF 25++ as it block harmful sunrays, and prevents my skin from darkening. As I am super obssesed with skin whitening hahaha xD. Below are photos wearing the BB cream in nartural daylight and in flash. As it does have SPF, in flash photography your face can look slightly ghostly.

(Sorries my face looks really bad LOL, as I didnt want to use filters or edit it, so I can show you guys the best results. >w<)

As for reducuing signs of aging and sunspots and its great for sensitive skin, I cant really tell since I have neither hahaha. Also for the skin conditioning effects it claims to have, I dont think the BB cream has much 'skin conditioning effects' LOL. As I didnt see any differences in my skin, after using it for weeks.

For this BB cream, I would recommend it to people that don't mind spending a bit more on makeup or want to try to new products. Personally I dont think it's worth the price, as you can get BB creams that offer the same results or better results for a lower price. So overall I would rate this product 6.5/10. It's not very likely I would repurchase it either, since its not anything special.

What do you guys think of this BB cream? and you have you guys tried it? ^_^

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Gatsby Triple Acne Clear Facial Wash Review

LOL Yes I am aware that Gatsby facial wash are aimed for men, but I love this product haha so who gives jizz. xDD Okay so I brought this product during Hong Kong for around $50 (£4.17). My skin was reacting really bad with the humid and polluted environment, and had a massive breakout, the worst my skin has ever been! So I spent a lot of my time looking for products to help reduce and control my acne. >< I tried a lot of products during the 2 months and a lot of them was like splashing water on my face, as they had no effect whatsoever. One day out the random I used my cousin's Gatsby Triple Scrub (the dark blue one behinde the green Acne Clear in the 1st picture above. which I will also review later ^^) which seemed to start clearing my skin a little, after few more washes I decided to go buy it and then I saw the Acne Clear one, so I like like brillllll. xD and purchased both. They do have more in the line, oil control, cool ice etc~ I WANTED TO BUY THE WHOLE PRODUCT LINE LOLOL

Gatsby is quiet popular in Asia, so their products are available pretty much everywhere, Watsons, Mannings, Bonjour etc. If you don't live in Asia you can easily purchase them off eBay, Yesstyle etc. Okay so starting on the review. This product claims to/ effects:
  • Cleansing ingredients remove sebum, sweat and dirt
  • Antibacterial ingredient Triclosan, which withstand sweat, reaches acne bacteria to kill them
  • Antibacterial ingredient IPMP, which can withstand sebum, reaches acne bacteria to kill them
  • Seburm control absorbing powder absorbs sebum from deep inside pores
  • Sebum control ingredient tightens up pores, reducing excessive sebum secretion
Since I tried the Triple Scrub before hand, I was expecting the product to work just as good, maybe even better. Sure enough it was better! The product does everything it claims to do. The product has a refreshing minty citrus scent, which I think is great for mornings as it refreshes you. After you've washed off the product it leaves behind a cool sensation, which is really nice. I did notice my acne starting to reduce within a few days of use. My skin is super oily and acne prone, so even though the product is more harsh (because its meant for men skin LOL) my skin didnt react bad to it. I could definitely feel that the product is more powerful then feminine ones. The product really does reach deep down and cleanse your pores squeaky clean. The only downside I would say about this product is that people with sensitive skin may think its a bit harsh for their skin, or that it may dry it.

I would recommend this product for people with oil and acne prone skin. I would rate this product as 4.5/5 I would of gave it a 5 but its doesnt suit everyone's skin type. Its effective, affordable and you get quiet a lot of product, so it does last long and its worth it.

Have you tried any of the Gatsby facial wash? and if you have which one do you have? We can be Gatsby bubddies! HAHAHAH xDDDD If not have you tried/use any men facial products?
Have a good day! ^_^

Friday, 14 June 2013

Chanel Summer 2013 - Stylo Eyeshadows Swatches and Review

So 4 days ago, I wrote a post about Chanel's New Summer 2013 Limited Edition Collection and what I thought of it. Today is going to be more exciting, im am going to show you guys swatches and do a review on the Stylo Eyeshadows and in all 6 shades! ^_^

Here are the swatches in natural lighting and with flash.

As you can see from the swatches the eyeshadows are SUPER pigmented, they're very creamy and long lasting as well. For some reason Moon River reminds of the Urban Decay shawdows xD maybe because it's netural tone? Anyway, all of the shadows do have shimmer, so if you prefer matte shawdows then this isn't the product for you. But I personally love it! As I find that it give that "fresh" look to the eyes, like Chanel claims these would. Also I think that these shadows give an eligant twinkle to the eyes.

When you apply the eyeshadow to your eye lid you can blend them before they set. Once set in place, they stay in place. The shadows are long lasting and I mean it! Haha. The photo below proves; the photo was taken 6/7 hours later after the swatching. During the 6/7 hours I deliberately rub it, to see if they would smudge. They do smudge a tiny tiny little bit as you can see, but the smudges arent very visable except for Black Stream. Also it did rain a few times during the day so with the rain water and my coat sleeve rubbing it constantly, the colour did fade a bit but not too much. Compared to other cream eyeshadows which probably would have faded 90% with the amount of heavy rain and rubbing.

I would recommend this product to people and I do think they are worth the price as they have vibrant colour payoff, are long lasting and quite resistant from fading.(Resistance isnt the word but I dont know how to describe it xDD) 
I would rate this product as 4.5/5.

So what do you think of these eyeshadows? and what's your favourite shade? ^_^

Sunday, 9 June 2013

Chanel Summer 2013 Limited Edition Collection!

I saw the new Chanel Summer 2013 collection a few days ago, but for some reason my brain didn't click onto writing a blog post about it until now hahahaha. Anyway yes, if you didnt read that clearly it is a LIMITED EDITION collection! :D

The collection was inspired by the colours of butterflies, which " inspire a joyful look for face and fingertips"

I am loving this collection! Especially their colour scheme with the bright bold colours. The products are still very classy, eligante and "Chanel" even with the boldness.

I have tried out some products from this collection; first the Stylo Eyeshawdows (which are eyeshadow sticks) in the shades Moon Silver, Cool Gold, Black Beam and Pink Lagoon. The eye shawdows were super creamy and pigmented, there was not a single flaw about it.

Also, i've tried their Inimitable Waterproof Mascara (super bold and pigmented mascaras) in the shades Zest and Blue Note. I really want to test out the shade Lime Light as it attracts me the most.

I haven't got round to the trying the nail polishes yet. :/
I will try post swatches of some of the products next week, but I can't gurantee. ^_^

What do you guys think of the new collection? and is there any product you would want to own/try out from the collection? Tell me in the comments below .:D

Sunday, 2 June 2013

KPop Female Idols' Weight, Height & Waist Measurements Official and Actual Profiles (Hyuna, Suzy, NANA, IU, UEE, SNSD) - Part 1

Anyone that's in the KPop hype would probably also be fascinated by KPop idols' figures, flawless skin, looks, fashion etc. But today i'm going to focus on their figures. Numberous people say that some KPop Idols' weights are unhealthy, underweight, unrealisic etc. (Honestly I myself thought the weights were unrealistic until one of my friends weight themselves and they were 49kg without working out =O!) Anyway many teenagers, would LOVE to have that weight and figure haha. I'm not saying that being underweight etc is good but I do find their weight and figure like a movitation to better my own.  So instead of constantly having to search up their weights, im just going to put them into one post. ^_^

Most people are already aware that the numbers writen on their profiles tend to be false information. So i've writen their profile weight and "actual" weight if I find it. 

PLEASE NOTE that the stats were found back in 2013, the idol's current weight may have changed since then. I do not plan on constantly updating this post.

Kim HyunA

Official Profile Weight: 44kg
Actual Weight: 39kg (During Bubble Pop promotions*)

Offical Profile Height: 164cm
Actual Height: 162.8cm (UPDATED*)

Waist: 23 inches


Official Profile Weight: 46kg
Actual Weight: 49kg

Offical Profile Height: 166cm
Actual Height: 168cm

Waist: - unknow

Nana / Im Jin Ah

Official Profile Weight: 48kg
Actual Weight: 51kg

Offical Profile Height: 171cm
Actual Height: 171cm

Waist: 25 inches


Official Profile Weight: 47kg
Actual Weight: 48kg

Offical Profile Height: 168cm
Actual Height: 168cm

Waist: 22 inches

Jessica Jung

Official Profile Weight: 43kg
Actual Weight: 46kg

Offical Profile Height: 163cm
Actual Height: 164cm

Waist: 21 inches

IU / Lee Ji Eun

Official Profile Weight: 43kg
Actual Weight: 44kg

Offical Profile Height: 160cm
Actual Height: 161.8cm

Waist: 23 inches

UEE / Kim Yu Jin

Official Profile Weight: 46kg
Actual Weight: 51kg

Offical Profile Height: 168cm
Actual Height: 171cm

Waist: - unknown

NS Yoon G / Kim YoonJi / Christine Kim

Official Profile Weight: 46kg
Actual Weight: 51.3kg

Offical Profile Height: 170cm
Actual Height: 171cm

Waist: - unknown

Official Profile Weight: 45kg
Actual Weight: 50kg
*New Diet Weight: 47kg

Offical Profile Height: 160cm
Actual Height: 161cm

Waist: 22.4 inches

For more idol profiles, you can click here to see part 2click here for part 3~
If you guys want to find out male idols weight and height then click on the link. ^_^