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Sunday, 11 June 2017

KYLIE JENNER COSMETICS: Vacation Edition Preview & Ultra Glow Highlighter Swatch

Kylie just gave a cheeky preview of summer limited edition products on her snapchat today! For those of you that don't have snapchat; I grabbed a few screenshots so you guys can see how gorgeous the Vacation Edition collection is and the swatches of her new Ultra Glow loose pigment highlighter!

Sunday, 4 June 2017

BANISH ACNE SCARS | Vitamin C Serum (The Banish Oil) Review

 Banish $49
Banish $49 | LINK
Writing this review again because the original didn't save urghhh. Anyway how's everyone doing? I've been trying to get a sexy tan because the sun has been blazzzzing~ Moving on, I've been following Perfect Beauty, now known as The Acne Channel on Youtube since my teenage acne days. Thankfully my skin has cleared now but I still look after it to prevent acne and scars. The last few weeks I having been putting one her well known products - The Banish Oil to the test. Carry on reading to see how it worked! ^.<