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Tuesday, 29 November 2016

When Non-Asian People Say Ni Hao/你好 To Me...

I'm so glad that more people are openly talking about the racism they receive and are not brushing it off like nothing. It's 2016 (nearly 2017 dammit!!!), this shouldn't be happening anymore with how far everything has come. We're suppose to be living in a diverse culture/environment and yet some people still can't appreciate others' backgrounds. In this video, I talk about how people shout Ni Hao (konnichawa etc) on the streets to me. As I wan't know to know/understand why people feel the need to do it. I tried to talk about this in the nicest way possible (and not be savage) as I don't want to spread negative. I've received supportive feedback on this so i'm planning to expand and touch more on the topic in the future! ^^  

Saturday, 26 November 2016

ICK Garnet Red Circle Lens Review | LensVillage

LensVillage | LINK
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I hope everyone had lovely Thanks Giving and Black Friday! I've always wanted red lenses (probably should of reviewed this during Halloween eh) so I picked up the ICK Garnet Red Lens from LensVillage. I've stopped wearing circle lenses the last few years due to laziness, so my last circle lens review was all the back in 2013! Enough rambling, let's get started~

Monday, 7 November 2016

Wednesday, 2 November 2016

SAMPURE MINERALS | Makeup Package Haul

I came back from Australia to find a super cute and generous surprise package from the owner of Sampure Minerals (Ada Saffell)! Thank you so so much~ <3 Literally screaming (ahhh) because I fell in love with their mineral foundation back in 2013 and it did wonders for my acne prone skin. Can't wait to share the items I received with you guys~