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Sunday, 30 November 2014

Lancôme Hydra Zen Nuit NeuroCalm Night Cream Review

Who doesn't love free travel sized products/gifts along side your purchases? :')

I thought it would be the perfect time to try this cream due to my skin getting slightly drier due to winter. I really enjoy using this moisturiser as it has a lovely subtle rose scent, which gives off a luxury feel. The consistency of the cream is slightly thick, but it absorbs really well into the skin and does not leave a greasy feeling behind. I apply the cream after cleansing my skin, before going to bed. It hydrates and soothes my skin nicely, reducing the redness in my skin instantly after application. My skin looks and feels plump and healthy in morning, like I had good night sleep.

Rating: 9/10

Would I recommend?: Most certainly! A luxury product that does the job of hydrating and soothing skin fantastically! 

  • Great packaging 
  • Hydrates
  • Smoothes
  • Lovely rose scent
  • Full size is pricey! £41 for 50ml

Super quick review due to procrastination (oops). Which moisturiser(s) have you been using or trying out recently? ^^

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

KDrama OTTD #1: My Lovely Girl 내겐 너무 사랑스러운 그녀 Yoon Se Na Inspired

It's been over one year already since I did a fashion post inspired by KPop/KDramas! >.< My sincere apologies. I'm going to try post more KPop or KDrama inspired fashion posts since makeup doesn't interest me as much nowadays. >.< 

I am currently watching My Lovely Girl; I adore the clothing in the drama to bits! Krystal Jung is already one of my fashion influence so of course I had to do a inspired look~ ^.^ 

Sunday, 23 November 2014

KPop Diet #12: Lee-Hi's Pre-debut and Porridge Diet

It is not revealed as what Lee Hi ate for her diet, as she selected foods from a menu that her coach and nutritionist came up with. However she did follow a timetable of when of to eat. 

Breakfast: at 10am
Lunch: at 1pm
Dinner: at 4pm

If she was hungry throughout the day then the snacks she ate was - half sweet potato and 3 cherry tomatoes.

She did the diet along side 3 different exercises.
Her results at the end of diet - lost 6kg in total, more energy and feels stronger.

Although the foods are not revealed, I think she may have been on the same diet Akdong Musicians were during pre-debut. Check out KPop Diet #7 to see the diet, you can click here for the link! ^__^

On YG's twitter Lee Hi is also seen eating pumpkin porridge, which may be part of her diet or a porridge other people say.

Personally I like Lee Hi's diet, its very consistence and nutritious. I like the sound of the sweet potato since I have a sweet tooth. >.< I haven't tried pumpkin porridge before, but it sounds really nice. ^__^

What do you think of this diet? ^^

Saturday, 15 November 2014

My Motivation / Study Treat Haul~ #1

My workload is beyond overwhelming; so whenever I complete a task, I purchase things I want or pretty things I see to reward myself. ^__^ Can be an expensive habit, but this is the method I use to motivate myself. xD So once in a while I'll probably make a "Motivation / Study Treat Haul". (I need a better name. xD) There isn't much items this month, since i've been procrastinating a lot. >.< But here it is~

  • IZZI Slim iPhone 5/5s Camera Case 4 in 1 Lens - White

This was on my Beauty & Fashion Wishlist #1. I always have wish lists, but funny enough its not often I end up purchasing items from them. xDD My hubby purchased this for me as a surprise, so massive massive thank you~ ^__^ <3

  • SEVENTEEN - Smoulder Gel Eyeliner
  • L'Oreal - Colour Riche Nails - 851 Nouvelle Vague and 842 Sequin Explosion
  • Nail Paint by Barry M - Aquarium Collection Atlantis Glitter
  • Maybelline Colour Elixir - 060 Nude Illusion

  • Schwarzkopf - got2b Oil-licious Weightless Dry Oil Mist
  • Eucerin - Demo Purifyer Hydrating Care
  • Yes to Cucumbers - Daily Calming Facial Moisturiser 
  • Lancôme - Hydra Zen Nuit
What methods do you use to motivate yourself? ^^ Tell me below~

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Garnier Nutrisse Crème - Deep Burgundy 4.26 Review

Superdrug £5.79

As mentioned in my Attack on Titan Makeup post; I was going to dye my hair again. The colour I opted out for is purple~ because vibrant hair colours is my thing~ xDD Although the dye states that it's a Deep Burgundy colour; I knew it would come out purple since my hair is bleached and this dye is purple base ( most burgundy dyes often have a red base). So the results will vary for people with natural/unbleached hair.


The box comes with the usual: Instruction leaflet, gloves, colour cream, developer and conditioner. (Apologies that I forgot to photograph the contents this time.)


I first mixed the colour cream and developer cream together to form the dye and then applied it my hair in sections. Once application was complete; I tied my hair into a bun, place my hair into a plastic bag and left it for 20 minutes. The dye contains shea butter and 3 nourishing oils (avocado, olive and blackcurrant). Which is great, as it does not dry out your hair during the dye procedure. It also has a strong fruity scent - lovely and covers up the smell of ammonia. The consistency of the dye is perfect! Not too runny or thick, easy and pleasant application. 

After 20 minutes, I finished my hair with shampoo and the conditioner that came with the dye. Pure love for the conditioner, it always nourishes my dry damaged hair and gives its shine - bringing my hair back to life. I wish they sold the conditioner separately too. There is a generous amount of conditioner that will last for good few weeks.


The dye first came out as deep rich violet colour, due to the nature of bleached hair absorbing in everything. The dye then faded to a blackcurrant colour, which matched the box. After a few more washes it faded to a pinky purple colour. I am expecting it to fade even more. Of course if you're using this dye on unbleached hair it won't fade as quickly or as light.

Indoor lighting:

Natural Sunlight:

Garnier Nutrisse dyes never fails to disappoint me. The colour outcome is so beautiful; many of my classmates have been complemented the colour too. ^^

Rating: 9/10

  • Nourishing dye - does not dry/further damage the hair
  • Rich and vibrant colour
  • The dye and conditioner contains shea butter and nourishing oils
  • Easy to use
  • Even coverage
  • Comes with a generous conditioner
  • Contains ammonia/ammonium hydroxide
Would I recommend?: Most definitely! - Beautiful colour, easy to use and affordable. I had no problems using the dye at all. The only con I could think of is that it contains ammonia, which is damaging to the hair. One of my all time favourite drugstore dyes. ^^

Have you switched your hair colour recently too? ^^

Monday, 10 November 2014

The Body Shop Skin Clearing Facial Wash Review

The Body Shop £5
I've been trying out new and old facial washes the last 2-3 months since I am still having little breakouts due to the colder weather. >.< I rediscovered The Body Shop Tea Tree Wash, which was gift from my bestie Jess - thank youuu. <3

Description: "This daily-use facial wash for blemish skin gives clearer-looking skin when used as part of a regular regime."

The first thing you'll notice when you use the product is the tea tree smell, which I personally like but  others may find it overwhelming or funny. The smell does go away once you wash the product off. The consistency of the product is great, not too thick or runny - easy to use. I've been using this wash for the last month; I like that it leaves my skin feeling clean without drying it. I have super oily and blemish skin, so it may dry out other skin types. The tea tree oil gives a cool and tingly feeling, which I love - especially in the mornings as its refreshing. With regular use, my breakouts cleared up quicker and my oils stayed at bay for extra a few hours. I can't say if it helped prevent pimples much, since I still had some pimples popping out here and there, but definitely less than before. Overall a great product that does the job. I would recommend this for people with oily and blemished skin~

Rating: 7/10

  • Affordable 
  • Clears blemishes quicker
  • Reduces sebum
  • Does not dry out my skin
  • Great for daily use
  • May dry out skin that is not oily/blemish
  • Strong smell may be overwhelming for some people

Have you rediscover any products recently? ^^

Friday, 7 November 2014

Products I've Used Up & Reviews #2 - Hair Product Empties

Clairol Herbal Essences - Break's Over Anti-Breakage Strengthening Conditioner 400ml

This is one of my favourite conditioners! I can't find it in stores anymore not sure whether this is discontinued or not. >.< "Beautiful Ends" may be the replacement. The conditioner scent is lovely - it has a soft honey and milk scent. It leaves your hair very soft, smooth and shiny. This condition hydrated my hair intensively and did protect my hair from breakage, as I have  very damaged hair from bleaching.

Rating: 10/10
Would I repurchase? - Definitely! IF I can find it in stores again that this. T^T
Would I recommend it? - Definitely! A inexpensive conditioner that does the job and what it claims beautifully? Why wouldn't recommend this beauty? ^__^


Pantene Pro-V Aqua Light - Lightweight Nourishing Mask 200ml

Another one of my favourites! The mask hydrates and nourishes the hair very well, leaving my hair soft and shiny. I can't describe the scent but it smell very nice and like a professional salon product. The product itself is very lightweight. It does not weight my hair down, so after blow drying my hair, my hair is left feeling lightweight and fluffy. 

Rating: 10/10
Would I repurchase? - Definitely!
Would I recommend it? - Definitely! A inexpensive mask that nourishes your hair and leaves it soft and lightweight, why not? 


Pantene Pro-V Aqua Light - Instant Damage Defence Conditioning Spray 150ml

The product is half oil and half liquid. This is great as it conditions the hair well and leaves it smelling great. Its lightweight and does not weight down the hair. I prefer this over leave in conditioners as my hands won't be cover in product. Its also great for mornings, especially when i'm in a rush. i can just spray this on and quickly leave.

Rating: 9/10
Would I repurchase? - Yes, if I can find it stores that is. >.<
Would I recommend it? - Yes, its great for those always in a rush in the mornings and feel that their hair is a bit dry and needs some nourishment.


MESSHEAD Hair Therapy - Heat Protection Spray 250ml

I brought this from the 99p store for 50p! I was tempting to purchase it since the store was closing down and everything was 50p. Plus I like to try new products, so why not? The heat protection spray is nothing special, it does protect the hair from heat, however I feel that it doesn't protect it fully, especially not from high heats such as 230c. 

Rating: 5/10
Would I repurchase? - If it goes on sale for such a bargain price again.
Would I recommend it? - Yes and No. Yes if you're on a budget or don't want to spend much on haircare. This does the job. However no, if you use high heats like me. As your hair will not be fully protected.


So...? Va Va Volume and So...? Fabulous Dry Shampoo 150ml

Read the full review by clicking here. ^_^

Rating: 9/10
Would I repurchase?: Indeed. ^^
Would I recommend?: 100% - affordable and lovely variety of scents to suit everyone. They also sell  these as a gift set. It comes with all 4 of the scents and in a cute travel size, a great christmas gift. ^^


Attitude - Dry Shampoo 150ml

Another dry shampoo because I really greasy hair. >.< This one smells like raspberries! I love the scent. It's nothing special but does the job and absorbs the oils. However I find this one leaves your hair with quite a lot white residue. 

Rating: 5/10
Would I repurchase? - When i'm running low on money.
Would I recommend it? - Yes and no, yes if you're on a budget or don't want to spend much on haircare. This smells great and it does the job. No for those with dark hair, as you have to wait while before the white residue disappears.


Schwarzkopf - Gliss Shine Tonic - Shimmering Shine & Repair Care 100ml

Read the full review by clicking here. ^_^

Rating: 6/10
Would I repurchase? - Maybe - for something a little extra. The shine it gives is really nice, however I tend to forget to spray it and often neglect the product. 
Would I recommend it? - The tonic is lightweight, it adds extra shine to your hair and makes it tangle less. If thats what you're looking for then yes I do recommend it to you.


So what hair products have you finished using up in the last few months? ^^

Tuesday, 4 November 2014

KPWP + Rynspiration Beauty Tag~

Thank you to la beautiful Payton from KPop Party With Payton for tagging me~ ^.^ This is a collaborative tag Payton and Karyn created ^^ Sijakhae goya~ (lets start~)

1. What is a product that you've wanted for the longest time?

When I first read this question, nothing came to mind .__. After a few moments, I ended up with 5+ products xD. I'm terrible, i'm either not interested in anything or too much things. There is no inbetween. Is anyone else like this? >.<" Final products are Laneige's BB Cushion and Luna's Water Essence Founpact~ I haven't got round to trying any BB cushion yet even though there is massive hype, since some reviewers said that BB cushions don't offer high coverage... which I need >.<. Guess I need to try it for myself and see~ ^^

This was feature on Get It Beauty and it looked soooooo good!
2. If you had to wear only one foundation for the rest of your life, which one would it be?

Probably Bourjois's Healthy Mix Serum Foundation. Beautiful dewy finish, medium/high coverage and very long lasting. ^.^ Plus the extra skin benefits it offers for healthy skin~

3. Your house is burning down, which product do you grab first?

If my house was burning down, I would be spraying that hose pipe around the place!! No fire is separating me from my bed, products, Macbook etc. xD But probably my Bourjois Healthy Mixed Serum Foundation (as mentioned above ^^) I'm all about good looking skin, although eyeliner is a big must for me too .__.

4. What's your latest "empty" product?

minicell Tomato Steam Extract REVITAL PEELING GEL (Review here~
Great product~ ^^ Really enjoyed using it. Hoping to do an empties post soon :D

5. What is a quote you live by?

I have quite a few quotes~ They're all about success because that is what I drive for. ^^

"A better day will come. Hard work will never betray you."
I do work very hard but I also procrastinate an ridiculous amount since I have lazy bug. So i'm when i'm slacking, that little quote reminds to hard work for my future. ^^

"Do it for the people that want to see you fail."
Believe it or not, there are many people that want me to fail... so whenever I feel like giving up, this is the quote I live by, to prove people that doubt me, wrong.

"I have to be successful because I love expensive sh*t."
Why am I so keen on becoming successful? The quote pretty much states 90% why xDD.

"Work so f*cking hard, that one day your signature becomes your autograph."
I used to live by this quote. I'll make an confession here - I used to want to be an KPop star, (I mean who wouldn't? xD) I even auditioned for YG. I still do want to be one, although its unlikely to happen. >.< Since I don't have much musical skills... (why didn't my parents force me to learn piano or something? xDD) But yeah, it's always at the back of my head. 

6. If you could buy makeup from one brand, which brand would you buy from?

Etude House! Even their stores are kawaii in general. ^^ Great quality makeup, affordable, cute packaging etc what is there not to love?

7. Which type of beauty products do you but the most of?

At the moment, lipsticks. xDD This happened ever since I watched You Who Came From The Stars. (It's like I never stop talking about this drama. xDD) But seriously, I even found dupes for Cheon Song Yi's lipsticks. (Post here ^^) Funny enough, I don't wear lipstick that often (due to laziness xD).

8. Is there one beauty product that you'd definitely recommend?

Makeup wise - Maybelline Pure Mineral BB Watergel (review here~) Its a BB cream/gel from the Asian Maybelline line. Its really cool! and has water droplets for moisture. ^^ 

Skincare wise - Mizon Trouble Clinic Acene Blemish Out Pink Spot (Review here~) one of my holy grail products! Great for those that have trouble with acne or pimples. ^^

9. How long have you been wearing makeup for?

I started experimenting with minimal makeup (e.g mascara and lipgloss, maybe eyeliner too) in year 5/6 (age 7/8 - terrible!) Then I stopped and started again in year 9 (age 13) because that was when all my nasty teenage hormones hit me, which led me to having acne. That led me to using foundation and concealer~ and it progressed from there. ^^

10. If you had to be any mythical creature, what would you be?

CANT DECIDE OMG. Maybe a UNICORNNNN~ FAIRYYYY~ Vampire? Ghoul? I kid I don't want to eat people. xDD A happy world with rainbows and butterflies etc then a Fairy~ ^^ they're so cute and off you have to love superpowers. The more dark side then a Vampire~ ^^

Thanks again to Payton for tagging me~ it was really fun ^.^

Thanks for reading~ ^^