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Wednesday, 29 January 2014

2014 Birthday Wishlist~ ^_^

I actually find it quite funny how my wishlist this year is completely different from previous years. The list consist of equipment rather than items I already have enough off e.g makeup. Think i'm turning boring now or maybe a bit too focused on studies. >< Shows how much things can change in one year ay? ^^ I don't really expect much gifts this year since i've moved away from a lot of people to focus on my myself, my other half/bestie and studies. This year I rather help people in need, as helping someone and making them smile results in you smiling too. ^_^ So yerrr i'm going to be donating blood (if I meet the requirements), scary I know! >< Anyway... here we go ^^.

1) Celebrate it with my bestie74lyfe aka kawaii boyfriend ^__^ 
and for him to be super happy everyday because he deserves to be ^^

2) Winsor & Newton Artists' Acrylics Painting Set

3) Copic Multi-liner Fine Liner Pen Set

4) Money
 LOLOL because I really can't think of any thing else I need/want xDD Except for an iPhone 5s Gold >.<

I have a super short list this year, oh wells  xDD. 
Have you guys noticed that each year your wishlist gets shorter and shorter? ><

Sunday, 26 January 2014

ROHTO C3 Moist+ Contact Lens Eye Drops Review $11.90 (£7.25)

I have been interested in Rohto's eye products ever since Michelle Phan used a minty eye drop in her old videos all the way back in 2008. Now today I will be reviewing one of the products i've used, Rohto C3 Moist+. ^_^ 

I bought this online from; the C3 Moist+ is great for users that wear contact lenses as the eye drops has been formulated so that contact users can apply it whilst wearing contacts lenses . It does a good job in moisturising the eyes. I use this during lessons, using the computer , revision etc as it relieves tired eyes from wearing contacts for long periods and staring at things for long periods in general. 

When applying C3 Moist+ 1-2 drops is enough to moisturise the eyes. The cooling effect of this eye drop is low, unlike the other eye drops from Rohto such as C3 Cool+, so it feels like adding water to your eyes. Its very travel friendly, as the bottle is small and has a sleek shape.

The only downside of this eye drop; is that after you've applied it, your vision will be blurred for a few seconds to 1 minute. 

Overall I think the eye drop is a so so, it helps with moisturising the eyes and contact lenses so it does the job. It does blur your vision for a few seconds, which some users may find annoying as they may need to get back to what they are doing asap. I wouldn't mind using the eye drops again but it's unlikely I would repurchase it again, as I like to try out new products. I would rate this product 3/5. 

So have you tried any Rohto products and is there any that you would recommend? ^_^

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

B.A.P 2014 Comeback! First Sensibility Album Tracklist

This is their first full length album with 13 tracks. The title track is 1004 which is pronounces as Angel.


1. B.A.P
2. 1004
3. Easy
4. SPY
5. Clock On
6. Shady Lady
7. Lovesick
8. Bang X2
9. SNS
10. Body & Soul
11. Save Me 
12. B.A.B.Y
13. With You

Can you wait for the album? ^^

Sunday, 19 January 2014

KPop Diet #4 - Seo In Young's Banana Diet

Banana diet sounds kind of yummy right? ^^ The banana diet is also known as the "Glamour diet" since the results of this diet is that you'll have a smaller/slimmer face, fats in the waist and stomach is burnt which enhances your boobs so that look slightly larger.

Seo InYoung's official profile weight is 43kg, but as we know what celebrities have on their profile tends to be false. During this diet Seo InYoung lost 6kg in 4 weeks which is WOW a lot. 

Morning: 1 - 2 fresh bananas and 2 cups of water.
Lunch: healthy Korean meal, anything can be eaten it.
Dinner: healthy Korean meal, include rice preferably brown, vegetables and a little meat.
Snack: bananas of course! xD

This diet is great for those that don't like to be restricted to strict deals, as you can choose what to eat for lunch and dinner, but make sure its healthy, low in fat, salt and sugar. Have self control and monitor how much you eat though. However, this diet I would not recommend it for people with diabetes as bananas have high sugar content. . 

This diet is super simple, however I personally think that losing 6kg in 4 weeks sounds a bit dramatic? Maybe its the foods Seo InYoung ate for lunch and dinner that contributed to the weight lose more. But who knows, unless you try and see if it actually does or not.

So would you guys try this diet? ^^

Sunday, 12 January 2014

Laidbare Spot the Difference Treatment Cream Review

Holland & Barrett £6.99
New Years has been such a busy period >< apologies for the late post. I will blog more again soon as soon as I finish my workload! ><

Anyway my skin has been super super terrible this season due to the climate changes, so I have been breaking out loads! That being said, I have been trying out new products to try help reduce my acne. I came across the Laidbare Spot the Difference Treatment Cream, which caught my eyes since it says treatment cream and the packaging is simple yet sleek, so why not? ^^

This product is design for oily and combination skin which is great as I have oily skin, also it doesn't leave your face looking shiny. I use this all over my face after i've finished cleansing, toned and applied a serum on my face. I use the treatment cream like a normal moisturizer in the morning and afternoon.

At first I didn't really notice any difference but I continued to use it anyway, since I personally believe you should use a product for at least 1 month before deciding if it helps your skin or not. After using it for 2-3 week, I noticed the redness of my breakout weren't as bad as before and the size of the my spots have slightly reduced. When I get breakouts they are super stubborn to get rid off! >< So you may get quicker results than I did. As I continued to use this for a few more weeks, I noticed my breakouts have slowed down  a little and my spots were more easy to cover up with concealer. Which is great as the product does help to clear out complexion slowly.

The cream has thicker consistency compared to normal creams, but it still absorbs into the skin nicely. You only get 30ml of product but it does last quite a long time 1-4 months (maybe more for some people) depending how much you apply on. The size makes it great for traveling. The scent of the cream is light and refreshing.

Overall, this product does work gradually over a few weeks. So if you're after fast results this product may not be your cup of tea. I think this product is great for preventing breakouts/spots, however it does not work that well with spots that already exist. For £6.99 it's an affordable price and I wouldn't mind purchasing it again to prevent breakouts. I would rate this product 7/10.

So have you tried any of Laidbare's products? Since this is my first time keke. ^^