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Thursday, 26 September 2013

Garnier Light Daily Moisturizer SPF 15

The Garnier Light range isnt easy to find in UK, since Western people tend to prefer getting a tan rather than preventing to have one lol. (aka being pale). So purchasing them online is the easiest option. ^^ This is available on eBay for £2.95. Some reason these are travel size, it wasn't just from the seller I brought it from, but other few sellers too. Note that they don't tell you it's travel size, instead that say the size "15g". LOL Like how am I meant to know what size 15g is? xD They probably do sell the full size product, somewhere lol.

The cream itself is lightweight and non-greasy so it's great for summer. However it does leave residue behind which is the down factor. Moisturising wise, I would say average as it does moisturise the skin a little. It would probably moisture dry skin more. As for the main purpose of this product "lightening", when the cream is applied, it leaves a white cast like sunscreen. So it helps give off a more dewy radiance appearance and lighter looking skin. But for the actual lightening itself, I would say no. Gariner says the cream has lemon essence which helps to lighten the skin overtime. Using it for a month, I haven't seen any difference whatsoever. The SPF 15 does help prevent darkening a little.

Would I purchase this again? No, simply because (in my opinion) the cream is more maintaining your skin colour if its pale already. It wont have much effect if youre trying to lighten your skin. But since the cream is pretty inexpensive you could give it a try, as the result may vary for you. ^^ So have you tried any products from the Garnier Light range?

Monday, 23 September 2013

KPop Fashion - B.A.P BADMAN Inspired Fashion / Outfits

My first KPop fashion post. ^^ So today's KPop inspired fashion is from B.A.P's Badman, the theme of their clothing is monochrome and stripes. Hope you guys like it! ^_^  

Inspired by Youngjae's and Daehyun's monochrome graphic shirts.
Outfit 1
Top: H&M £14.99
Shorts: Hong Kong xDD
Shoes: Doc Martens 

Inspired by Himchan's with his black shirt and stripped shorts.
Outfit 2
Sweater: H&M £14.99
Leggings: eBay £2.99
Shoes: Doc Martens

Close up of the print on the sweater sleeves. It's pretty badass so I thin its suited a BAP inspired fashion. ^^

Inspired by mainly Yongguk and their stripe theme. (picture below)
Outfit 3
Jumper: H&M £19.99
Leggings: eBay £2.99
Shoes: Doc Martens

So what do you guys think of the outfits? ^_^
Let me know in the comments. <3

Friday, 20 September 2013

Jay Park First European Tour 2013 - London

WOOO finally the day has come! :D Tomorrow I am going to Jay Park's concert with my wifey! ^_^ Ofc I will take photos and videos and post them for you guys to see. :3

If any of you guys are also going, come holla at me! :D Will be looking forward to seeing anyone and Jay Park ofc hahaha. Have a good day! ^^

Sunday, 15 September 2013

KPop Diet #3 - Ga In Gentlemen, HyoSung, Soyu's "One Meal Diet"

This diet has been very popular among Kpop stars such as - Ga In, Hyosung, Soyu and many more.

Ga In spoke about it with OSEN through a phone interview stating, "One week before filming, I received the offer to appear in the music video. I was more nervous when I prepared my own album. I had to wear clothes that revealed a lot of skin, and one week was too short of a time for a proper diet. I ended up eating only one meal a day. More than having a good effect, i chose that diet to console myself."

Hyosung shared "Before the one meal a day diet became popular, I started eating one meal a day since last year. Because I like rice so much, I just ate one good meal a day and lost 5kg after a year of doing so."

Soyu shared "I stopped eating salty foods and limited my intake of carbohydrates. I would sometimes do 1 meal a day, and when I would get hungry, I would eat eggs or sweet potatoes"

The diet is straightforward, eating one meal a day. Since its one meal it would be suggested to eat it middle of the day between 12pm -3pm. This diet will work if you are dedicated to do this long term run. 

However there are many pros and cons to this diet.

  • Will help weight loss overtime and may see results within a few weeks depending on your weight, exercise and what you eat.
  • No restrictions, can decide on what you want to eat

  •  May slow down metabolism, since youre only eating one meal a day and not several.
  • Some people may not select healthy foods to eat.
  • No breakfast in the morning, so you'll be tired and have no energy.
  • Can be unhealthy as you'll be putting your body in a bit of starvation mood.

So would you try this diet or have you already tried it? ^^ I personally dont think I would try this as the cons overweight the pros.

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

L'Oreal Paris Superliner Gelmatic Eyeliner Review - Ultra Black 1

I havent blogged in almost a month! D: Sorries for the lack of posts but I just started doing ALevels and I AM DYING! If it was just revising I guess I would be fine but 3 out of the 4 subjects I do consists of large amounts of coursework. So nvm blogging, barely even have the time to go toilet lol jkjk sleep T^T But lacking off for a bit now because I miss blogging kekeke. 

Okay so today I'll be review one of my recent purchases and favourite eyeliner of the month. ^^

Superdrug £5.99 
This eyeliner is L'Oreal's first Gel Pencil Liner. What I love about it, is that its a retractable pencil so you can apply it super quickly and it doesnt require a brush like the traditional pot gel liners. One concern that most people have with "pencil" form liners is that it would smudge, but this liner is beautifully long lasting and smudge proof. One of bonuses of the smudge proof liner is that its also waterproof so if your the type of girl that wears make up to the beach or just dont want your liner to smudge in general, this is great!

Another thing you have to love about the liner is the it's highly pigmented! You can see in the photos below that its super black! The photos were taken on different days and different times throughout, as you can see it doesnt smudge at all.

The downsides of this liner is that sometimes it breaks, so to prevent that happening just use less pressure and dont twist out too much product. ^^ and sometimes you may find that the liner is a bit blunt so you would need to sharpen the liner like pencil ones.

I would recommend this liner as its inexpensive, highly pigmented, lasts all day and doesnt smudge. Also the packaging is sleek and very travel friendly so you can take it round with you easily, even though doubt I you would need any touch ups with this. xDD

So have you try any of  L'oreal's new liners? or how do you find your Alevels if you just started them as well? ^_^