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Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Revlon Chroma Chameleon Nail Effects Polish Review - Amethyst

Sorries for the slow posts; ive been quite busy getting ready for college and ofc celebrations for results day kekeke ^^

Boots £6.49
Relvon has released a new nail effect polish, the "Chroma Chameleon" which is a chrome / metallic effect. Its available in 6 different shades. ^_^ The colours are super cute! So it's quite hard to resist. xDD I love the chrome effect, as the colour varies a little in different lighting, which makes the nail polish a little more interesting and fun. The only down side I found with the polish, is that if you dont apply a top coat, the colour can go a bit dull after a few days. Other than that, the polish is great, long lasting and really pretty! ^^

So what do you think of Revlon's new polish? :D

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Sunday, 18 August 2013

EOS G307 Gothic 3 Tone Green Review -

From one of my previous post Gothic 3 Tone Honey,  I did mention the Gothic 3 Tone Green so here it is. ^_^ Since I did mention the general information about the circle lenses in the previous post. I'll just do a quick summary, if you want to read the full info then please click on the previous post. ^_^ 
  • EOS - Retails for $22.50 (£14.11) - Available in 9 colours - 1 Year life span - 14.5 diameter. LOL

These lenses will blend nicely in with your natural eye colour. However colour wise, I would say they only give your eyes like a "tint" of colour. Weather indoors or outdoors, the lenses will NOT look green lol (They will only show up green in flash). They give your eyes like a mysterious vibe/colour, since the green doesnt show up much. I would say its more of a grey tone green or Hazel. People will notice there's something different about your eyes, but majority of the time they wont notice you're wearing lenses unless they're close up. So these lenses are really natural, but maybe a bit too natural? xDD. If youre after a pop of colour, these lenses would not be recommend for you. As you can see in the photos - in the selfies, since the eyes are in distance to the camera you cant really see them at all. But in the close up of the eyes, you can see them. I do like the mysterious vibe it gives to your eyes but I would like them more if the green was more vibrant. So what do you think of these lenses? Do you like the natural-ness (is that even a word lol) or would you prefer them to be more bright?

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Barry M Nail Effects Confetti - Marshmallow Swatches & Review

During 2013, Barry M has released a variety of new colours and nail effect polishes. One that found most interesting was the Confetti effect range. They are available anywhere in UK (not sure about overseas) for £3.99. I brought the shade Marshmallow a while ago, but when I first used it I didn't really like the effect much, so I just left it on the side. Recently a few of my friends said they wanted to try this polish and asked me to write a post about it. ^^ 

The effect of this polish is really cute! But it will take patient to achieve it, as you have to layer it for the full effect to show. The polish doesn't dry very quick either so you do have to wait before applying another layer, otherwise it could end up really messy. I did some experimenting to see what it would look like if a base colour was applied first, before applying the confetti. If you did apply a base colour, it looks more "full" and you could get away only layering 2 coats since the sparse areas aren't as visible. One thing I like about the polish is that, even with all the thick layering it doesn't chip much, or it take ages before it does. 

I do admit, this effect as grew on me now and I do like it. I would purchase it again and recommend it to people that have the time to do their nails. But if you don't have time to be layering or just not a patient person in general. You may prefer just to paint a top coat and sprinkle confetti on top.  


Using the Confetti effect alone.
Used a light pink polish as a base before layering the Confetti effect on top.

 So what do you thinking of the Confetti effect polish? Do you like or it think it's weird? ^^

Sunday, 11 August 2013

Little Message For A Special Friend ^_^

This little post is for my friend Sarah. ^_^ So this is really irrelevant to what I normally blog about sorries, but Sarah have fun reading it~ ♥

I bumped into her yesterday and she said she "reads my blog everyday" so I was like AWWWWW. *getting emosh* It's been 3months since i've finished school and havent seen her, but she still reads my blog nevermind everyday omggg. *crys of cuteness* Its so hard to get hold of her since she doesnt use social networks or have a phone. :( Damn youuu get a phone for college lololol and what happened to your Twitter girl? xDD 

So sad we're not going to same college/sixth form but I hope you do well with whatever you decide to do. ^^ and ofc we will still go Korea one day to find your husband Jay Park. xDD I miss talking about KPop, hot Korean guys, Running Man etc with you everyday nevermind not be able to talk to you about them during lessons anymore. T^T" and yes you still "like" Mr Wakeline hahahah according to him. ;D

Best wishes for you. ^_^ Hopefully will bumped into you more often haha. Saranghae xoxo ;D

Saturday, 10 August 2013

KPop Diet #2 - Nine Muses' Paper Cup Diet & Weight Profile

Earlier this year, Nine Muses grabbed the public's attention with their weight lost. Sera especially revealing that she lost 20kg since debut days! This diet is more for maintaining weight but it should also help lazy ones (like me haha) lose a little weight in general. ^_^ It works by portion control by preventing over eating. The great thing about this diet is that theres no restrictions, so you can still enjoy your meals. But dont be silly and eat cups full of fat lol.

Starting with some of the member's weight:
Sera: 50kg
Jae Kyung: 50kg
Eunji: 48kg
Hyuna: 50kg

The diet method is super easy and simple, you just prepare 3 paper cups and fill them up. 
Cup 1: Fill it with rice (preferably brown or mixed grain)
Cup 2: Fill it with fruit or vegetables (any fruit&veg would be fine ^_^) 
Cup 3: Fill it with side dishes (try avoid foods high in salts and fats)

This is not required but to keep it healthy as possible, for side dishes I recommend foods such as skinless or grilled chicken, fish (for your dose for omega 3) kimchi, loads and loads of veggies! etc
Have Fun with this diet haha, I think its quite interesting so I would deffo give it a go soon. ^^ Let me know how it goes for you if you decide to try it~ :3
Note* it will take a while before you start to see results.

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Princess Mimi Tsubasa Masuwaka Bambi Series Sesame Grey Circle Lens Review -

Recently I've been away and posting too much KPop posts hahah so i'm back to reviewing~ ^_^

This are the Princess Mimi Sesame Grey Circle Lens by Tsubasa Masuwaka. They are also available in Chocolate Brown and Apple Green and retail for $23.90 (£15.57). These are the second pair of circle lenses I have ever brought and its my favorite. ^_^ I did purchase these online from and was very happy with their service so I do recommend them. As you can see in the picture above their packaging definitely has to be the kawaii-est!

The lenses are very vibrant! Even in dim lighting, you are able to see the colour. During day light, the lenses do make your eyes pop! Trust me, whenever you wear them people will complement your eyes without fail like "woowwww your eyes" ahahha. Not only that, but they show up really nicely in photos too, regardless of the lighting and quality of the camera.

My favorite factor of the lenses, is that it has a diameter of 15mm. So they will give off a dolly like effect and is perfect for those that love enlargments. Anyone that prefers natural lenses, these would not be recommend for you. (Try lenses like the EOS gothic series ^^)

If you do read my blog, you would that I wear lenses for more than 8hours haha. These dont dry up my eyes or feel uncomfortable even after 8hours+ of wear. They are very thin so it feels like my eyes can breathhhh~. I have never found any problems with these lenses and I LOVE THEM TO BITS! So I would recommend these to anyone anyday! ^_^ I would love to purchase the other two colour when I get more money LOL. xDD

The first selfie, was taken (on a mac webcam) against the sunlight, so the lighting was dim. But they still manage to give a pop to your eyes and show up.

This selfie is taken outdoors with natural sunlight. ( didnt take any decent photos outside that day LOL, so say hi to my friend Leo ahahha). The colour is more vibrant in brighter lighting.

I know this post may seem a bit biased, but I really do love these lenses and I think they would NEVER fail to impress anyone that purchases it. *note -  its not sponsored lol. They are designed and worn by Tsubasa Masuwaka so they are pretty popular among gyarus or just in general. ^_^

Sunday, 4 August 2013

Circle Lenses: Gothic 3 Tones VS Puffy 3 Tone Series

When it comes to natural looking circles lenses (natural yet noticeable and "vibrant") or 3 tone circle lenses in general, the Puffy 3 Tone series and the Gothic 3 Tones series are bound to be one of the most if not the most popular choice. Yes there is also the Natural 3 Tone series, but since I haven't tried them I cant really say much about them. xDD So in this post I am going to compare them and see which is the better one.

General Information - 
The Puffy 3 Tone is by Dueba retailing for  $19.50. (£12.23) where as the Gothic 3 Tone is by EOS retailing for $22.50 (£14.11). So price wise the Puffy wins, but the quality is what youre paying for, so dont decide which one is better by the price yet. XDD 

Size - 
They both have a 14.5 diameter; so you cant really compare something that has exactly the size feature right?ahah. Anyway if you want lenses that make your eyes look extremely or just big in general non of these would be ideal for you. 

Colour Opacity & Range -
I personally feel that the Puffy is more vibrant than the Gothic series. The Puffy 3 Tone Green show up more on my eyes than the Gothic 3 Tone Green ones do, if I tried other colours the results might be the opposite, but I doubt it since the Puffy 3 Tone Pink and Grey is more vibrant as well. So if you prefer your lenses to be more noticeable then the Puffy would be more ideal.
When it comes to colour range, the Puffy offers 6 colours and the Gothic offers 9. So the Gothic has a wider range. But the colours they offer are quite different, the Puffy has a pink where as the Gothic doesn't. the Gothic has Hazel and the Puffy doesnt. The win win factor for the Gothic series, is that it has lights and darks e.g light brown (Honey) and a standard brown (Brown), standard blue (Blue) and a darker one (Sapphire) etc. So the Gothic series wins for the colour range, also the colours are much more natural.

Blending With Eyes -
However, since the Puffy slightly more vibrant, its doesnt blend in with your eyes as well as the Gothic series do. So the series that blend with the eyes more, the Gothic wins.

Comfort -
Like wise with all circle lenses in general, its recommended that you dont wear them for more than 8 hours. *But I, Michelle never or bearely sticks to the recommendations ahhahaha. So I do wear them for longer. xDD They are both comfortable and they will last 8 hours or longer. Also they are ultra thing so it lets the eyes breath/get oxygen more I think? LOL or maybe im just chatting poo poo hahaha. But I do feel that the Puffy doesnt last as long as the Gothic, as id does slightly dry my eyes after 9hs, not literally dry it but I can just feel its not as hydrated. So comfort wise, the Gothic wins as the hydration of the lenses last longer.

Overall -
They are both very similar and have their different win factors but overall I would pick the winner as the Gothic series because I prefer the colour range much more and I can wear them longer without any problems. Thats why I said earlier dont decide which lenses are better by the price yet. xDD Another reason is that the Gothic series is more natural than the Puffy. Whenever I wear a Puffy series lens, my friends can immediately tell im wearing circle lenses. Where as when im wear the Gothic series lens, my friends ask has your eye colour changed? So the Gothic series is obviously the win win here. ^_^ Dont get me wrong though, I do like POW in your face lenses as well, but we are talking about natural / 3 Tone lenses here. xDDD

So which one of the series do you prefer? :D