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Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Baileys Chocolat Luxe Review

Today I will be reviewing something a little different, okay maybe very different to beauty products haha and that is a drink hahahaha awks... ^^"

So todays I received a sample of Baileys new creation, Baileys Chocolate Luxe. I just had to write a review on it because it is one of the most luxurious and spectacular drinks of the year! The combination of the Belgium chocolate and Irish cream is perfectly beautiful! The flavor is indulgently rich, yet the flavors of the whiskey, cream and chocolate don't over power each other. The hint of whiskey enhances the flavor of the chocolate. 

Since the winter season is coming up, this is a MUST HAVE drink for special occasions and especially for Christmas meals and parties! I really do recommend everyone to try this especially if you're already a Baileys lover. Its such a luxurious and elegant drink, honestly it taste like heaven in your mouth hahaha. :')

So what is your favorite drink of the year so far? ^^

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Ginvera Green Tea Aqua Whitening Cream with Oil Control Review

Mailbox Harvey Nicols £15
Back in July I posted a blogged reviewing Ginvera's Green Tea Refreshing Brightening Cream now I am going to review their Green Tea Aqua Whitening Cream With Oil Control. ^_^ So to review this product in more detail ill split it into different categories.

First thing you will notice when you open the product is the smell! Its sooooo nice, light and sweet. The cream gives a really nice clam smoothing feel. Its ultra light weight yet it hydrates your skin very well.The cream spreads well and absorbs in the skin quickly, but leaves little residue behind. The one thing I really love about this product is that it gives a nice radiant dewy glow so your skins looks really fresh. But if you have oily skin then after 2-3 hours your skin may start looking greasy. 

Whitening is the main factor that I brought this cream for. Ginvera claims that it "lightens spots and acne scars, prevents the formation of pimples and skin becomes more fairer after regular use" However I didn't see much whitening effects. The cream itself is super white, so it slightly lightens the skin and evens out skin tone. So the cream "whitens" the skin with a thin physical barrier (the little residue left behind I mentioned before). As I have load of acne marks, I did notice them fade a little, as for prevention of spots I would say no as I still get them regularly. 

Oil Control
The oil control function was something that caught me to this product since it offers whitening and oil controlling, it seems like a win win product right? Personally I found the oil controlling function didn't really have much effect as I have super oily skin so the maximum it keeps my skin matte for is 2-3 hours before the sebum fest starts. If you have normal to combination skin this would be more suitable for you, but if you have super super oily skin then the oil control doesn't really do much. I wasn't really excepting it to work since a lot of oil control products don't really work for my skin, but there was still that little hope. ^^

Overall and Conclusion
Although the product is recommend for all skin types, I personally think its more suitable for people with normal skin. As the hydration is quite rich, sometimes it makes my skin more oily than it already it, so my make up ends up sliding around the place.Also £15 for 40g is a bit pricey and you can find other products on the market that offer more product, have functions that work more effectively etc. So overall I think this product is quite standard and wouldn't recommend it, especially not for oily skin people. However if you have dry skin and don't mind spending extra money on skin care then you might like this give this product a go as it does moisturize very well.

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

LA Tone Slim Chewing Gum Review - Does It Work?

Superdrug - £2.99

Of course in this generation; with such busy lifestyles or maybe we're just plain lazy, we try to opt out for easier routes. When it comes to losing weight; its not any different, a lot of people including myself are too lazy to exercise, so we try to find substitutes. SlimGum is basically chewing gym that is enriched with weight-loss promoting ingredients. So chewing good to lose weight sounds pretty good huh? Simple and easy to do. xD

As the packaging states it has active weight-lost promoting ingredients:
  • Green Coffee Bean Extract
  • Chromium
  • L-Carntine
^ Those 3 may help to burn fat
  • Green Tea Extract
  • Biotin
  • Thiamine
^ Those 3 help to support metabolism

The purpose of SlimGum is to help reduce your appetite so that you eat less (thus weight lost/management) with its ingredients, while promoting fat in the body to burn. The gum has minty taste which will fade after 5 minutes of chewing. The gum has a rough texture, as you can see in the photos above. But the major question that everyone wants to knows, is weather it actually works or not?.

The answer varies on numbers of conditions. If you were depending on the gum alone for weight lost, the ingredients in the gum aren't high enough for you to see results in a few days or weeks time. You would need to chew these over for 1 month or more, which can be costly as it recommends you to chew 4 per day and you only get 10 in one packet. Of course how much you chew per day can alter the results too.  

If you were to chew this along with a diet and exercise, it can be effective as it reduces your appetite. However you could also reduce your appetite with normal regular chewing gum which is a much cheaper alternative.

So does it work? Yes it can. But I personally think it's pricey and not worth the money as it offers the same effects and results that normal chewing gum would.

So what do you guys think of this idea of chewing gum to lose weight? ^_^

Thursday, 3 October 2013

Tattoo Painting - Michelle Cheung

If any of you guys read my blog, you would know that i'm not as active as I used to be... >< 
Since I do art, I delicate majority of my time to it. ^^ So to keep you guys updated and keep the blog active as much as possible, I will do art posts too. There is also a "Art Work" section too if you haven't seen/noticed it already. ^_^

This is my latest painting which is a replica (not sure if that even the correct word ahaha) of Jeff Musser's painting. Honestly I love his work awwww, even though it's not as good as his original one I had a lot of fun exploring his style! ^^ 

You guys can follow me on Instagram for more of my art works or just keep up to date with me! :D @MishCheungX

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Revlon Chroma Chameleon Nail Effects Polish - Pink Quartz

Boots £6.49
Not long ago I did a review and swatch new Relvon Chroma Chameleon polish in the shade Amethyst. Recently I have brought another one but in the shade Pink Quartz. These polishes are so pretty! I seriously would buy the whole line but too broke hahaha. xD The polish is long lasting and very pigmented. The only difference I've found between the Pink Quartz and Amethyst, is that the colour of the Pink Quartz lasts longer. If you didn't read my Amethyst review, the metallic effect started to go dull after a few days if a top coat wasn't applied. Whereas the Pink Quartz remained and didn't go dull at all. So maybe the colour of the polish has an impact of the effect? O.o

Anyway I love love love these polishes and would recommend them to people that want something different to standard polishes or if you just like pretty colours in general. ^_^ 

Have you guys tried the Chroma Chameleon Polishes yet or what do you think or them? ^^