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Saturday, 30 September 2017

ZAFUL | Autumn Clothing Wishlist 2017

It's been soooo long since i've last done a wish list but I figured it would be a good time do one now because since I can't wear my beloved summer crop tops etc I might as well wish for them right? Or a short denim jacket is a good choice for transitioning over from summer to autumn. The items in this wish list are from Zaful because I absolutely adore their affordable and trendy items! Okay, let's get into it~

Saturday, 16 September 2017

LUSH Oxford Street| The Comforter Shower Cream Review

LUSH £9.50 for 250g
This month I've found myself spending less on makeup and more on toiletries products, most likely because Sephora bankrupted me when I traveled Paris last month. Butttt body care and body loving is just as important as makeup. If you're a reader of my blog, you would know that I tend to go for seductive florals or rich berry scents. As it's coming to the end of summer, (it's actually fricking cold af rn!) I wanted something to somewhat warm me up... if that makes sense. So the Comforter appealed to me as LUSH described it as a wrap of warm hugs. Sounds good to me! Let's check what this bad boy is all about.

Thursday, 7 September 2017

Find out if you have ideal Kpop Legs with me!

Bringing back the 2010s and old school KPop era with this video! Measure and find out if you have ideal Kpop leg measurements with me in this video. It's super easy to do and just for a little bit of fun. I'm still figuring out what video categories i'm going to stick to, so feel free to suggest or request any videos you would like to see! <3

Sunday, 3 September 2017

Schwarzkopf | Color Mask Hair Dye Review - Pearl Blonde 910

When I can't decide which colour I want to switch my hair to blonde is always my go to colour, as I can leave it as it is or add some colour later. Today i'm going to be using the Colour Mask Hair Dye from Schwarzkopf. It's the first hair mask colourant, designed like a hair mask for easy usage and for extra healthy shine. This line has actually been around for a while but with so many dyes on the market, I didn't get round to trying it until now. Let's get into the review to see how this mask dye performs differently from regular dyes!